The global pandemic brought about a significant change in the way we live our lives. To mitigate the contagion, governments of different countries mandated people to stay home. With people staying home, some businesses need to close down temporarily. Aside from this, planes were grounded and unessential travels were restricted.

It goes without saying that yes, the pandemic somehow robbed us of the freedom to travel and if we can already wander again, the new normal will certainly change the way we travel.

#New Hotel Standards

As soon as people are allowed to travel again, expect significant changes in the hotel and tourism industry. As part of new hotel standards, heightened measures for hygiene and cleanliness can be anticipated. Travelers and guests of these hotels need to be well aware of these measures and this can be accomplished if the hotels exert the extra effort to get their message through.

As soon as you enter the hotel premises, you may notice the reception area isolated but still accommodating one guest at a time. Guests may also be required to maintain physical distance while waiting in line to check-in or check out. These enhanced sanitary protocols implemented during the check-in and the checkout process are for the safety of both the staff of the hotel, as well as the guests.

To minimize physical contact, online and advanced bookings are highly encouraged such that when you arrive, all you need to do is to get the keys to your room. Rest assured that the room you will be staying in is thoroughly sanitized since most hotels will initially pick up by operating at half capacity. As we enter the new normal, this is possible since most people are still wary of traveling for recreational purposes.

#Changes in Aviation

Another significant change that can be expected in the way we travel is those in the aviation industry. There is really no reason for you not to bring in your luggage with hardshell cases because for sure you will still be allowed to check-in your belongings. However, expect changes when it comes to lining up in the baggage carousel to get your luggage. There is also a great chance that zone boarding will be strictly implemented or that plane flies at half capacity.

Inside the plane, middle seats may be blocked and passengers may be asked to seat in every other row. It may come as no surprise if we see new cabin designs with transparent barriers between the economy seats. Also expect to see the cabin crew in full personal protective gear.

#Cruise Ships Docked

While the hotel industry and aviation may have the capability to adapt to the changes in travel, cruise ships may be docked for longer. The reason behind this is that these cruise ships may be blocked from entering the ports of different territories. In this case, the cruise industry may need to come up with a new business model on how they will be able to accommodate passengers and offer tours that can still cater to their travel interests.

#Responsible Travel

Finally, we also need to look at ourselves and embrace changes in the way we travel. If in the past, we shake hands or even kiss as a form of greeting, upon stepping in the new normal, we need to keep our distance. Expect that wearing face masks will be part of our fashion statement and that sanitizers are a must-have in our bags or pockets.

As we enter the new normal phase, it may also be more challenging to enter new territories or cross borders to another country, which is why we may need to prioritize local tourism first. In case you still want to pursue international travel, make sure to check the necessary health certificates that you need to prepare beforehand. You may even be pre-screened in your own home country first or held in quarantine once you arrive at your target destination.

Traveling during this pandemic may really be difficult, but this won’t hinder people from living their lives and exploring the world. The key is in being responsible when it comes to proper hygiene such as the regular washing of hands, wearing face masks, and other protective gear, as well as maintaining a physical distance. Once you feel symptoms of the virus, the best thing is to stay home. Otherwise, make sure to do an extra effort to boost your immunity.

Expect a change in the standards of the hotel and booking accommodations once they start to accept guests. There are also significant changes in the aviation industry and there is a great chance that we won’t be seeing any cruise ships in the next couple of years. Rest assured that when this pandemic ends, our itchy feet will again have the freedom to embark on the journey we deem necessary.


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