As one of the longest-running forms of art and entertainment, attending the opera has long been associated with glamour, excitement, pageantry, and roof-raising performances.

And whether it’s a local event for the opera novices or the lure of an authentic trip to see some world-class Rome opera performances, here are 5 reasons why you should have a night out at the opera while traveling.

Operas deal with timeless stories we can relate to  

Your favourite films and shows will inevitably deal with some of the world’s most relatable themes – life, death, love, tragedy, and comedy. An opera is no exception, and raises the bar even higher by combining the live element of putting on an incredible show without the luxury of a second take!

These timeless themes are relatable to all of us, regardless of age, culture, and social standing. These stories are the very fabric of modern storytelling, told in an immerse way.

You’ll see some of the greatest vocal talents in the world

To perform vocals at the highest operatic level requires incredible athleticism, a booming and powerful voice with pinpoint pitch and control, and the ability to do all of these things in thick heavy costumes in front of thousands of people. All without the use of a microphone.

The respect that these vocalists command in the art world is second to none. They make the entire performance seem completely effortless when it’s anything but.

There’s something for everyone at the opera

 Are you more likely to grab a novel than the remote control at home? Opera offers gripping narratives that’ll keep you hooked throughout. Do you have an eye for fashion or design? The sets, outfits, and make-up of an opera are teeming with imaginative ideas and innovative creative touches.

Do you love music more than a good story? Are you likely to favour a great beat over any dramatic performance? Opera’s history has permeated through music over the years and influenced several incredible modern performers.

A chance to try out your social skills

If the last few years have made you sick and tired of staying home in your most comfortable pyjamas, then it’s time to get that black tie on and your best gown ready for a night on the town! Making a little effort on a night out makes it feel even more special, so why not go with it and just enjoy the chance to dress up in your best clothes and comment on the play with your friends?

While traveling, witnessing a theater or opera show can create a deeper connection with a certain place or community. An opera performance can make your mind stop for a moment and reset your thoughts, which is particularly useful when having to deal with much planning. But above all, it is an invaluable experience which will probably add up to the magic of being on the road. So how about it? When was the last time you went out for a night at the opera?


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