The beautiful, diverse tropical paradise and the city that never sleeps have more items in similarity than one could fathom. It’s time to get your vacation groove on! And experience the adventure of a lifetime. Below are some things that both New York and Vancouver have in common.

#Cultural life

Vancouver is quite a multicultural, accessible and friendly city. Various people from Greece, Germany, England, Ireland, China, Portugal, Italy, and Korea, among other nations, immigrated to Vancouver, thus, the primary reason for its diverse cultural lifestyle. Get a chance to enjoy the different cuisines from various cultures. It will surely satisfy your palate and yearn for more.

Just like Vancouver, New York welcomes individuals from various nationalities, classes, religions as well as ethnic backgrounds. Get a chance to experience the fast-paced life within New York, something which might be out of your norm. You are likely to get directions quickly. Thus, you can’t get lost in this vast city. It’s an opportunity to fill your stomach with international as well as experimental delicacies. The innovative chefs are ready to display their impeccable cooking skills by combining old school recipes with new ideas.

#Impressive architecture 

There’s nothing as humbling as walking in Manhattan Street and getting to see the humongous skyscrapers towering over a person. Epic monuments like the empire state building, the Chrysler building as well as the one world trade Centre, among others, are gigantic beauties that tower the city. The building communicates about the city’s vastness on any clear day. You can have a view of the five states from an observation check on the empire state building.

Vancouver has impressive structures like the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, the Westin Wall Centre, and Rosewood Hotel Georgia, among others. Experience awe while in Vancouver.

#Nature parks 

Both cities have phenomenal parks where you can walk see the zoo, thousands of tree stands as well as beautiful meadows. In New York, you can skate or game in central park as well as LeFrak Centre.

Vancouver has the fantastic Stanley Park which has vast rainforest, wildlife as well as restaurants. You can walk through the nature trails, enjoy a horse ride, play golf or sunbathe. There are endless activities you can enjoy in these parks.

#Nearby beaches 

While in New York, you must visit the beach before leaving. There are various amazing beaches that you must explore. They are as follows; the Coney island beach, Manhattan Beach, Brighton beach, midland beach, long beach, sandy hook gateway national recreation area, Fort Tilden beach, and Jacob Riis Park beach. There are plenty of activities that you can engage in to have the best time.

Vancouver has phenomenal beaches, as well. To mention a few, you can visit the English bay beach, Kitsilano beach, Spanish banks, Jericho beach, wreck beach, among others. Have a panoramic view of what the two cities have to offer.

#Interesting to explore for backpackers 

New York is one of the most adorned travel destinations by tourists around the globe. Are you a backpacker who loves exploring large cities? You can have the time of your life in New York. Get a chance to visit all the five boroughs, namely Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens as well as Manhattan. You have to travel light to save your back from any pain and put on comfy shoes. You can take a flight to New York and land on either of the two significant airports which serve New York. They are the JFK and LaGuardia. After that, you can take the subways or buses to crisscross the city as you take photos.

It’s quite fascinating that Vancouver happens to be an exotic exploring destination for backpackers as well. You can visit the phenomenal town and walk around to save on your budget. Explore the trendy hotels, have limitless shopping options.


Both cities pride themselves in having beautiful museums. You can have a tour at the museum of anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Get to see the numerous archaeological as well as ethnographic projects from around the world.

While in New York, you can have a look at the metropolitan museum of art, the Guggenheim, as well as the museum of modern art.

You can visit the American museum of natural history to see the famous blue whale as well as the animal dioramas.

#Live music 

There’s a fantastic music gig happening in New York almost every day. Some concerts get performed by celebrated artists of all time. You have a visit to the Madison square garden or the Brooklyn Barclays Centre. That’s not all. You can visit the Irving plaza, Webster hall, Kings Theater as well as beacon theatre, among others, to see amazing acts.

Vancouver has fantastic live music venues that you can have a look at as well. There is the commodore ballroom, vogue theatre, Biltmore Cabaret, Rickshaw theatre as well as fox cabaret as live music venues. You can visit these places to experience the musical magic any day throughout the year.

You can plan on a holiday and connect a flight to New York from Vancouver or vice versa. It will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


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