Norway is a fantastic country with breathtaking mountains, glaciers, and deep picturesque coastal fjords. Traveling through the Land of the Midnight Sun usually starts with Oslo, the capital of the country, known for its green spaces and unique museums. During a regular Norway Tour, you are in for fishing adventures, fantastic hiking, and skiing opportunities as well as fjord exploring.

Traveling in Norway is remarkably simple, yet the country is unique in some sense, and you should get prepared for its climate and uneven terrain. You can explore the glorious beauty of the country by boat, train, bus, bike, car, or by train. Nature is undoubtedly the best what this country can offer, but Norway also has a rich, exciting past, and interesting cultural expeditions.

The traveler can find numerous architectural and historical gems in various museums as well as in the countryside. The country’s cosmopolitan cities feature highlights of the modern Scandinavian way of life while cherishing its traditions. Prices in Norway can be unexpectedly high, but traveling wisely shouldn’t drain your wallet. You will find plenty of information about points of attraction, and it is important to know in advance what you intend to visit depending on your time and budget.

#Travel attractions of Norway

The most convenient way to visit the country is to book themed Norway tour packages. The country can be explored by bus tours, cruises or independently combining buses, cruises and train. Whatever method of traveling you choose do not miss out on the following natural wonders of Norway and  cultural points of interest:

#Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

This unique sculpture park is one of Oslo’s top outdoor attractions and is located within the Frogner Park.  It displays 650 wrought iron, bronze, and granite sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures depict the cycle of human life, culminating in a 16-meter monolith.

Oslo sculpture park

#Viking Ships Museum, Oslo

The Viking Ships Museum is the largest museum of this kind in Norway. It features three  Viking vessels which are also the burial chambers for prominent Vikings dating back to the 9th century. The museum displays a 23 meters long Gokstad Ship, and an impressive Tune Ship. The items of the museum give insight into Viking life. Here you can also find the artifacts from around the world from Egyptian mummies to the history of gold coins.

#Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower, Oslo

The ski museum in Holmenkollen is the oldest of its kind in the world. It is located underneath the famous ski jump and presents more than 4000 years of skiing history.  The museum also houses the Norwegian polar exploration artifacts. The observation deck on top of the jump tower offers panoramic views of the capital city.

#Fram Museum – The Polar Ship Fram

The Fram Museum offers you an opportunity to come on board the strongest wooden ship ever built which still is the farthest north and farthest south sailing boat. Here you can see how the crew and their dogs lived in the cold and dangerous  places – the Arctic and the Antarctic. The information is provided in ten languages: Norwegian, English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

Fram museum Norway

A polar simulator allows you to experience the cold and the dangers of polar expeditions more than 100 years ago. Next to the main building is the Gjøa building with exhibitions on the Arctic and the Northwest Passage.The museum shop offers exclusive polar merchandise.

#Troll Tongue 

Troll Tongue or Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway, hovering 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda.

Troll tongue Norway

Those who hike to Trolltunga will definitely experience quite unique challenges. It will be a daunting adventure – not for the faint-hearted. At the top, if you dare to walk out to the tip of the “Tongue”, you will experience the feeling of floating and will be able to indulge in the unbelievable fjord landscape enjoying the view of the glacier Folgefonna. If you want to hike to Trolltunga while in Norway, we recommend that you do so with an experienced guide, regardless of the season.

#Tromsø and Trondheim

The two charming cities of Tromsø and Trondheim are both a great base for exploring the more wild and adventurous parts of Norway. From Northen Lights tours and polar fjord cruises to arctic nature tours, visitors here are in for some scenic trips. Price for a tour begin at Euros 100, for a 7-hours excursion chasing the northern lights from Tromsø and can go up limitless, depending on the type of tour.

#Svolvær, Lofoten

A while back we covered one of our best travel journals, ‘Expedition Lofoten: 2 weeks above the Polar Circle. ‘ It is fairly easy to begin exploring the Lofoten archipelago in Svolvær, on the island of Austvågøya. The small town is well served by restaurants and places to sleep, so it will make a great base for various tours such as snowshoeing, Icelandic horse riding or snow safaris.


This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to breathtaking places to see in the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. Traveling to Norway is never disappointing. Whether wondering at the fantastic landscapes or enjoying the cultural heritage, all tours of Norway is a great adventure in any season for travelers of any age.


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