Embracing the wonders of life with one breath, drinking the brilliance of the nightly skies with a blink of an eye , smiling with the turtles into the crystalline water could be only a few experiences in Norfolk Island. Pine forests, smooth green grass, beautiful landscapes, smiley faces are more than beautiful sights, they become memories.

Norfolk Island lies in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean and is an Australian territory. It is located  1600 km (1000 mi.) east of Sydney and Brisbane and 1000 km (620 mi.) northwest of Auckland.

Population: 2000 people


Getting in is possible by plane or boat. However the island’s immigration control has a few extra rules on top of the Australian ones. See more details on this here.

There is no public transport system on Norfolk Island. While it is possible to walk the length and breadth of it, most visitors hire a car. In recent years, a taxi service has begun operation on the island. However, the viability of such a service on a small island is questionable.


The official language of Norfolk Island is English and all the islanders speak it. However, among themselves they often use Norfolk, a language derived from the English spoken by the Bounty Mutineers and the Tahitian spoken by their wives. Norfolk is not readily comprehensible by speakers of any variety of English, including Australian or British English. (information from wikitravel).

As a general advice, remember to stay safe (lock your cottage each time you leave it) stay healthy (currents, wave heights , eating too much) and respect the local community (never disagree with a local).




The island’s economy is based mostly on tourism, so the possibilities are numerous- from modest cottages to 5 star villas.


-scuba diving, golf, snorkeling, sea kayaking, biking, bush-walking, birdwatching, shopping, dining, etc.





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