While feasting our eyes on some beautiful mountain landscapes, we ran into this amazing frozen lake photo, belonging to Veliko Tarnovo. It took us a while, but after some serious research we only found a little basic information. The name of this lake is “Polejansko” and it is also known as the “Frozen Lake” from the Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria.

The lake is said to be situated at an altitude of 2710 meters which makes it the tallest lake in the Pirin Mountains. It is reachable by foot even though we did not find many information on hiking trails or many available travel photos. We think this is just because not many people travel here therefore this incredible location is not known.


The Pirin Mountains are located in south-est of Bulgaria and have peaks that reach a height of over 2900 meters. Vihren is the highest peak in the Pirin mountains, having 2,914 meters). The picture below is a view of Vihren from the hiking path, as the peak is the destination of a few marked trails. However, we do not know is the Frozen Lake is a part of one of them.

We will feature more post about Bulgarian mountains soon, as we read some information and were amazed of what the impressions of the hikers who went here. Stay tuned! : )



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