As midday comes along and its weight settles on the eyelids, we run towards an imaginary silence. Coffee might dance with us for a while, a breath of fresh air could save another hour or two. But eventually, the desire to disconnect will prevail and we’ll find ourselves craving for… sleep.

The Spanish people know how to tackle this “issue”. Ah, that beautiful midday’s dream!

For them, the “siesta” is not just a way to skip work, but a stubborn trick to resist the speed of modern times. It is a statement of the individual and that inner need to stifle the daily tensions. Like a friend once said: “Siesta is not just about falling asleep, but also about finding that dream”.

The guys that recently opened Siesta & Go Nap Bar in Azca, the financial center of Madrid, are creatively playing with this concept: they are offering us the possibility to sleep and dreams will naturally follow. Napping is now an accessible ”activity” in the heart of Spain’s capital.

Siesta & Go provides a wide range of services: rent an armchair, take a short nap in a cozy single room, lay down on a bunk-bed and use noise-canceling headphones, take a book from the shelf or grab your smartphone/computer and take cover under a small lamp. Everything is created so the customers can have an oasis of silence.


To stay in Siesta & Go, you can either make a reservation or just go inside and ask for a spot (although it is better to book in advance due to the high demand from the Madrileños). You can either pay your nap by the minute (26 cents) or by the hour (€14). Those looking to use the nap bar more often can consider into buying a nap bar certificate.

For more information and booking click here.


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