So you’ve traveled a lot and discovered this lovely city that simply looks to good to be true. ‘How would my life develop here?’, you wonder.

As travelers, finding a place that feels animated and amazing is bound to happen sooner than later. But let’s dive a bit into some of the down-to-earth questions we should ask ourselves before moving to another city.

Before making a major move, taking several things into account is necessary. From the cost of living to small details like where will you do your groceries and find food, planning in advance can mean more discovery and less worry.

Can You See Yourself in the Location?

There is a huge difference between somewhere that is nice to visit and a place that is great to live in. You might love chilling out by the beach on vacation, but doing that all the time may lose appeal after a while.

Not to mention, the places you visit may feel pretty dull outside the tourist season. Oia, in Santorini Greece is a phantom village during the winter. Another example, Miami could be a great city to visit during the winter, but is Miami a good place to live year-round? For a long time I thought Lisbon is a fantastic city to move into, and it probably is, but its potential future climatic problems and gentrification are some things that made me think twice about moving there.

The area you stayed in for a vacation may exude that idyllic vibe, but think about how the city feels like for  permanent residents. Get to know some of the locals and ask them a handful of questions about the the benefits and downsides of living in their home town. Get to know the neighborhoods and the suburbs; start looking for guides like this one in order to get an input of what a city at large has to offer and how life in its various sub-regions feels like.

Also consider things like your family plans, housing and job prospects. And friends: where will you find your tribe, your bubble, the people that do the things you do and think more or less like you?

What Are Your Visa Requirements?

Naturally, when you move into another city/country, you will likely have certain visa requirements that you need to meet, and you should be well aware of these before you officially commit to your move. As such, be sure to look at your country’s immigration website and make sure that you are eligible for a visa under all of the different requirements that are in place. You might also need some kind of support with your visa if you are moving to another country for work, so be sure you consider all of these factors before committing.

Work Out What Your Budget Is

Before you commit to moving to another country, you must have a suitable budget in place. You are going to need to set aside some money for your house, your flights, your cost of living, and the paperwork necessary to make the move. As such, make sure you weigh all of this before making any further commitments because it might be the case you agree to move and only find out after doing so that you cannot afford it.


If you are considering moving abroad, you must make sure you are in the best possible position to do so before you commit to anything. As such, you should be sure to consider the most important factors necessary to ensure you will be in the best position possible when moving to another city or country; these are laid out in more detail above.


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