Millennials today are prioritising travel more than anything else – well, most of them at least. According to, 86 percent travel to experience a new culture, while 82 percent travel to different locations based on reviews online and 76 percent travel based on friends’ recommendations.

Most of these people rely heavily on the internet, especially when it comes to travelling. In case you have no idea and is actually wondering what a “millennial” is: these are the people born between the early 1980s to the late 1990s. They are usually all too familiar with communications, technology, and the media.


Having said this, it is a fact that most people that fit the category are currently in their 20s to 30s, with some being in school, and some in the corporate world. They are usually looking for fun and fresh ways to travel, and of course, to do it in ways they could easily afford. If you are one and you are reading this, then get ready to book your plane ticket to Melbourne, Australia, as we are about to enumerate the most millennial-friendly vacation spots in the city.

1#. Kettle Black Bar

Millennials are known to post almost everything that they do or see on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They aim for those “instagrammable” places – spots where they can take a photo of, or photo with. Kettle Black Bar is definitely one of those destinations, and once you see it in person (or even just in pictures), you’ll know why. It is famous for its classy and photogenic dishes, which are usually served with edible flowers. Melbourne is known for its delicious coffee, too, so make sure to get that as well.

2#. National Gallery of Victoria

For the artsy millennials, try visiting the National Gallery of Victoria. It is the oldest public art gallery in Australia, and it holds more than 68,000 artworks in its two city locations. Take pictures of the stained glass, the drawings, paintings, and statues and let your friends see the beauty – even just in pictures.

3#. The Street Art at Hosier Lane

This one is not to be missed when in Melbourne. Its alleyways and graffiti scene is insanely creative and the artists are really talented. It constantly changes, too, so make sure to see it every time you visit Melbourne! If you regularly visit the city though, you should seriously consider driving a car hire in Melbourne. It is more convenient and does not consume time, not like being on tour and sharing a ride with other tourists.

4#. The Queen Victoria Market

Ah, the famous Victoria Market. This market is amazingly huge, and probably sells everything that you need. It is the city’s fresh food shopping mecca (you seriously will be delighted with the super fresh fruit and vegetables here!), a historic landmark, and a tourist attraction all wrapped in one. It is the largest open-market in the whole South Hemisphere. You can even find fashion pieces, gourmet food, and general merchandise here! Be sure to watch out for cheap bargains – they are definitely the hidden gem of this market!

5#. St. Kilda

Basically, the whole suburb of St. Kilda looks amazing. It is home to Luna Park, a park where you can be a kid again. The bright lights and the entrance is something that you shouldn’t miss taking a picture of! Kilda Beach is located here as well, and relaxing here after a tiring day would be the perfect way to cap your day. Also, watch out for the colourful cake shops, summer markets and world-class restaurants.

Take our word for it: you will find Melbourne absolutely stunning. Millennial or not, you will surely enjoy this place!


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