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To be honest,what really got to me was finding out that this place is being called “a photographer’s dream”. Maria Island is located in Tasmania, South of Australia.  More info after the photos:

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Access to Maria Island is usually by boat.  The only jetty on the island is at Darlington Bay. The  Maria 1 is currently doing the Maria Island run.  It leaves from the wharf at Triabunna, near the Information Centre and the trip takes about 45 minutes.  The number of crossings each day depends on the season. Ferry enquiries can be directed to the Brooke St Cruise Centre (information from here)

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Maria Island is a good place to swim,dive or for sightseeing.  It is also nice for bird watching, rock climbing, cycling and camping trips.  Here are some things you might need to know if you are planning to visit Maria Island:

  • There are no shops on Maria Island.
  • There are no milk or bread deliveries.
  • Occasionally the ferry is delayed due to rough weather. You should take extra  supplies.
  • There is a coin operated shower with hot water.
  • There is no electricity available.
  • There is no doctor on the island.  You need a good first aid kit.
  • Total fire bans are sometimes in place.  Take a gas cooker.
  • Drinking water is available only at Darlington,  French’s Farm and Encampment Cove.
  • Toilet blocks are located at the barbecue area, the Penitentiary and near the jetty.
  • Gas barbecues are located in a shelter behind the dunes of Darlington Bay Beach.
  • Evening talks are sometimes provided by park staff.
  • Only pit toilets exist at  French’s Farm and Encampment Cove.
  • Darlington, French’s Farm and Encampment Cove are the only designated camping areas.
  • There is an airstrip on the island.

If you are intrested in more facts on the country’s History, people and culture, visit Wikipedia and this well made information site on the island.


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