Although technically European, Malta Island has a unique personality, Terraced lands, low hills and a special type of Maltese Baroque architecture make this small country truly special. Moreover, its geographical position (the island is close to both Italy and Libya) ensures an interesting past at the borderline with the Middle East.

Warm weather and cultural attractions make Malta a great place to visit almost all year round (during July and August, the temperatures can get uncomfortably high though).

Let’s see what this tiny island has to offer up close:

#Plenty of beaches

Malta has a mix of both sandy beaches and rocky beaches. Travelers whi are looking for a sandy beach where they can sunbathe or splash in the ocean should check out Għajn Tuffieħa, Golden Bay, or Mellieħa Bay.

ghajn-tuffieha-malta island
Għajn Tuffieħa Beach, Malta

All three of these beaches are popular tourist destinations, especially in the summer. Individuals that are looking for rocky beaches where they can explore or swim should check out Ta’ Fra Ben or Anchor Bay. Choice Holidays has a climactic overview that can help you plan the best time to hit up the beaches.

#Historical charm

You don’t have to love history to enjoy the historical charm found in Malta. From the prehistoric temples that can be found throughout the island to the historical city of Valletta, there is cultural history to be found everywhere. The temples remain from some of the earliest inhabitants of the island, while buildings in Valletta are remnants from the Order of Saint John.

Valetta-Malta Island
Valetta, Malta

Malta continues to grow and expand, with the city of Sliema being one of the more contemporary areas of the island.

#Diving hotspots

The coastline of Malta isn’t just great for splashing around in the water. There are many underground caves, amazing reefs, and sunken ships waiting to be discovered. The clear waters surrounding Malta make this destination ideal for both beginning and experienced divers. With the right equipment, you can go diving at any point of the year.  There are classes that will teach beginners how to explore reefs and sunken ships. More experienced divers will enjoy exploring the Blue Hole, which will allow them to go into deep underwater caves where they can spot Mediterranean sea life.

#Filming locations


Most people don’t realize this, but Malta’s varied landscapes and pleasant weather make it an ideal filming location. For example, many scenes from the first season of Game of Thrones were filmed in Malta. If fans want to visit the Dothraki camp, all they need to do is go to the Mthaleb Cliffs. And for folks that loved the 1980 version of Popeye, Popeye Village still stands. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you will enjoy visiting the set, because there are rides and shows offered.

#Tasty cuisine

Maltese dishes are created by taking fresh produce from the island and combining it with flavors from other nearby countries. Street food is extremely popular, particularly Maltese bread. Freshly caught fish is also popular, particularly lampuka, which is most commonly fried or served in a pie. Rabbit stew is another desirable food and is considered the national dish of Malta. Locals refer to rabbit stew as stuffat tal-fenek and it can be found at almost any Maltese restaurant.

#Beautiful scenery

Malta has a number of breathtaking locations. A simple walk around the island is enough to catch sight of coastline views, city skylines, and architectural highlights. For individuals looking for more specific locations to visit, recommendations include the Blue Lagoon, Dingli Cliffs, the small fishing village Marsaxlokk, and the Barrakka Gardens. From the Barrakka Gardens, you can also catch a glimpse of the Grand Harbour and of The Three Cities. You’ll also want to take the time to sit on the beach and experience the beauty of the sun rising over the Mediterranean.

Blue Lagoon Malta

#Something for everyone

Malta is perfect for individuals, couples, and families. Malta is completely safe, making it a great place to travel solo. Couples will enjoy romantic getaways to the beach, exploring the town of Valletta, or going on a ferry ride around the island. And for families, there are plenty of beaches and family-friendly attractions that are perfect for kids. Mellieha Beach is a popular destination in Malta for families because of the shallow waters.

#Concluding thoughts

With so much to explore and do, it is no wonder that some find planning a trip to Malta overwhelming. If you’re interested in visiting the island, make sure to take the time to plan a careful itinerary. Make a list of the main attractions you’re interested in, take the time to explore transportation options, and start planning your visit.


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