There are a number of reasons why Bali is considered ‘the island of the Gods’. From golden beaches to soul-puzzling temples, this patch of Indonesia is filled with gems to explore. In today’s post, we will focus in the liveaboard concept, a sought-adventure activity that is more and more in demand.

In Bali, liveaboard adventures take visitors to the mesmerizing diving spots near Lombok and Komodo islands. Reefs for snorkeling and diving are extremely rich here. The different marine ecosystems of Asia and Australia meet near the island of Bali, which means divers will enjoy a surprising variation of coral and fish species..

#The Liveaboard Concept

In love with diving? The liveaboard concept merges two key components: a holiday in the middle of the ocean and the possibility of exploring the seas. The liveaboard is a hired boat service that allows you to hang out with other people who share your passion for diving.  For a few days, you can enjoy live out in the ocean, as well as top accommodation and food services. Moreover, you will be transferred to the best diving spots in the region.

The Ayana hotels for example offer numerous accommodation units along the beach in Indonesia. One of the most interesting aspect of staying here is that they cater for some great activities that will feed your love for the ocean. In order to book their liveaboard services, you will need a diving certificate. You can also opt for a personalized itinerary, as well as tips on the best diving spots.

liveaboard cruise
Liveaboard cruise, photo courtesy of Ayana Hotels

Life on board also includes services such as island hopping, visiting national parks, witnessing a sunset on a pink sandy beach or venturing into some of the traditional fishing villages.

#Indian ocean cruise

Some of the hotels within the chain organize Indian ocean cruises. Choose from an entire fleet of boats the one that best suits your idea of an ocean escape. The stylish Ayana Lako’dia boat is an intimate accommodation unit that only hosts eighteen people. You can choose a three- or seven-day cruise on this boat.

You can also go with the contemporary Ayana Lako’sae. This is a three level, ten room beautiful speed boat. You can charter this boat with your friends for a cruise on the Indian Ocean. It has beautiful decks on each level that you can dive from or just enjoy the sun and the infinite ocean horizons.

#One day educational cruises

If you are on holiday for a short time and would like to cram as many activities in your itinerary, this is good cruise to take. It is a one-day cruise from morning to evening with lunch served in the boat. The boat for this cruise has a glass floor. While in the boat, you can look down and get a glimpse of the marine life in the Indian Ocean. By the end of this cruise, you will have come across as many fish species that live in the Indian ocean.


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