Los Angeles is a city of amazing cultural diversity.  Home to over 105 museums, 55 amazing architectural structures, 16 gorgeous gardens, and 225 theaters, you’ll never run out of things to do and see.

These are the top attractions that draw people into the city and why many people are eager to call LA their home. If you are visiting LA as a first timer, keep these places in mind.

# Disneyland Park

Once only called Disneyland, Disneyland Park is the first of two theme parks built on this resort.  Opened in 1955, this sixty-six-year-old attraction offers a chance to enjoy some fantasy and nostalgia for anyone who stops in.

Star Wars land, Disneyland
Star Wars Theme Park in Disneyland, LA

From the iconic castles to fun rides and delicious food, you can spend days here without ever running out of things to do.  For those renting Los Angeles apartments nearby, you might want to invest in a season pass to gain a large discount on using the park!

# The Getty Center

If you want to see the new art that’s constantly being created in LA, the Getty is the best place to take it all in.  A branch of the Getty is a dedicated museum that offers art ranging from before the 20th century to things made by modern artists.  Over 1.8 million visitors are drawn in to visit and gain some inspiration.

Getty Center LA
Getty Center LA

This can be a fantastic destination for anyone creative and wanting to gain a fresh perspective. Also, walking through the halls of newer art from some artists who aren’t yet mainstream can be an awesome way to support people who may not have that support otherwise.

# LA County Museum of Art at the Getty

A deeper dive into art than the Getty, the LA County Museum of Art has visual arts of various styles, inspirations, and cultural backgrounds.  From a large collection of Japanese arts, ranging from photography to textiles, to a large selection of Islamic arts, you can find beautiful items that will surprise and entrance you.

The art doesn’t stop inside the museum, either!  The exterior offers everything from beautiful green gardens to a sculpture park.  Each part of this museum is well curated and carefully chosen for display.

# Universal Studios Hollywood

Slightly less visited than Disneyland Park, Universal Studios Hollywood is a film studio theme park mix famous for how many stars have passed through.  The park offers rides, attractions, tours, and fun photo opportunities you couldn’t find anywhere else on earth. Often called the Entertainment Capital of LA, it’s a key destination for any fan of film and television.

Universal Studios Hollywood

# Santa Monica Pier

When you think of Los Angeles, chances are an image of Santa Monica Pier will come to mind!  Most iconic because of its large ferris wheel and roller coaster, this pier is decked out with countless shops, restaurants, bars, and a theme park to top it off.

Santa Monica Peer LA

Every inch of this pier astounds and excites visitors and makes it a must-visit stop for many.  This is also a fantastic place to pick out a good souvenir if you’re taking something back for a friend or family!  Although things can be pricey here, they’re often one of a kind.

# University of California and UCLA campus

Established in 1919, the University of California is known for its quality of research and community impact. Moreover, the university hosts about a thousand visual and performing arts events each years. The beautiful campus of UCLA in Westwood is dotted with green spaces, restaurants and shops, making it a perfect getaway, especially during the week-end. UCLA campus

If you are in LA as a first timer and are on the lookout for interesting things to do, the array of activities is promising. You can have surfing lessons, you can learn to fly a small airplane over the city, embark on a mountain horse ride, go on a sailing adventure or go hiking In Runyon Canyon.


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