kluane national parkKluane National Park is located in the south-west corner of Yukon Territory, Canada and covers an area of 22,016 square kilometres. Mountains and glaciers dominate the park’s surface, covering 82% of its landscape. The highest mountain in Canada, Mount Logan ((5,959 m) is a part of Kluane National Park and reigns over this beautiful region.


There are three important “life zones” in the park; the grasslands in the valleys and the low areas, the forest zone and the sub alpine area, where the trees are small and distorted. The rest of the park is made up of spectacular mountain peaks and glaciers.

Kluane 6_KluaneConsisting of a mix of pacific, arctic and maritime flowers, the flora in this region is various and in some cases, unique. Kluane National Park also has a lot of large animals. Dall sheep, caribou, moose, wolves, ground squirrels, and snowshoe hares are only a few examples.

This is a place for travelers who like exploring the wilderness and have a little experience. A perfect location for hiking, camping (there is an unserviced campground at Kathleen Lake, a good starting point for mountain tracks),  fishing and boating. There are over 4000 glaciers in the park, some of them reaching impressive dimensions. For those planning a trip here, remember to bring your camera and plenty of thick clothes.

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