Kadir's Tree House, Turkey

Kadir’s Tree House Hostel is one of the most appreciated hostels around the world not only for its remote and fascinating location, but also for its spell projected through colors and rural house designs.

The unconventional hostel is situated near the Mediterranean shore in a place called Olympus, 50 km away from Antalya, Turkey’s biggest international sea resort on the Riviera. Olympus is often referred to as a “village”, although it is formed by a number of backpack guesthouses, hostels and tourist activities flanking a narrow road that crosses a valley. The ruins of Lycia, an important ancient city that dates back from Roman times can be found on the nearby beach.

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This Eco-friendly hostel offers diverse accommodation, such as:  6 bunk-beds dormitories (the cheapest ones), bungalows and tree house which aren’t very expensive: the prices start from 30 TL (approximately 10 euros during high season, which starts in April and ends in September).

Besides the pleasure of staying in such an unconventional free spirit settlement, there are many activities that deserve to be experienced: sea kayaking, rock climbing, hiking through the paths of Olympus National Park, mountain biking, boat trips, scuba diving, or visiting the Chimera Flame during night time (a place where fire bursts from the earth due to the releasing of underground gas). Find out much more by visiting the official website of Kadir’s Tree House Hostel.

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