Jeju Island, also known as Jeju-do, is the only autonomous province of South Korea and the country’s largest island.

Although the retreat is not a famous destination for the western countries, the Asians are very familiar with its amazing geographic and cultural potential. Its popularity has grown in the past few years, especially among the young couples who seem to consider it a mystic place for romantic escapes. Regular flights connect Jeju International Airport with major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing or Shanghai.


Jeju Island was entirely created from volcanic eruptions. Its landscape is dominated by Halla Mountain, the famous 1,950 meter-high volcano and the highest mountain in South Korea.

Given the island’s isolation, the people of Jeju have developed a culture and language that are different from those of mainland Korea, with many local legends and mystic beliefs. They even named it the “Island of the Gods”, inspired by a legend that tells the story of demi-gods that once inhabited these lands. As you experience the island, keep an eye out for distinct cultural artifacts and stones with different shapes, considered to have a protecting power for the inhabitants. coast

With a large variety of landscapes, from beautiful beaches to mountains and waterfalls, Jeju Island is a visual treat. Cheonjeyeon and Cheonjiyeon waterfalls, Mount Halla, Hyeobje cave and Hyeongje island are just some of the popular sights in the region.

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Depending on the season, Jeju hosts unsual festivals such as a penguin swimming contest in the winter, a cherry blossom festival in spring, the midsummer night beach festival in summer and the Jeju Horse Festival in autumn. Activities in Jeju include horse riding, hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, hiking.

Planning a travel itinerary in Jeju Island? 

Take a car ride along the West Coast, making stops along the way to places like Hyupjae beach and the Cheonjeyeon waterfalls. Also consider hiking in Hallasan National Park, as well as visiting Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Don’t miss out on Seongeup Folk Village, a charming place with hatch & lava rock houses, that holds a vast amount of Jeju’s  unique culture.



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Seongeup Folk Village

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