They say a holiday isn’t a holiday without a bit of sun, and for most a gentle rise in temperature will do them just nicely. We like to indulge ourselves in a little heat, basking in the sun by the pool and maybe topping up our tans, coupled with the option of enjoying the relief of cooler evenings once the sun goes down. However for others, the beating sun, sweltering temperatures and intense heat is what their break is all about. It usually means interesting cultures, hot food and nations steeped in history but how hot do these countries actually get?

When the temperature starts to drop here in the Northern Hemisphere and the nights get darker and the mornings are just as miserable, it gets many of us thinking about hot locations, sunnier climes and soaking up the endless sun – LED Hut have a helpful infographic you can check out if you’re looking for a little sunshine inspiration. But have you ever considered where the hottest places on earth actually are? And what are they like for tourists? You’ll find sunnier climes all over the world, however there are some locations that are just perfect for those seeking a little intense heat! Check them out in this helpful infographic below.


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