Close to the heart of Amsterdam, Vondelpark welcomes you inside through its majestic gates. The song of the birds guides you further on the right, to the Stayokay Hostel.

The rooms have a chic, minimalist design, ready to adore. Your alarm clock has no use since the birds make sure to play their best symphonies in the early hour. Its parkside location means you can enjoy some Dutch fresh air, ready to energize you. And also, if you like, an early run can give you a positive mindset, away from the crowded streets of the city.

Before heading out, the right morning starts with the right breakfast. Get ready to be spoiled by a nice buffet. Fresh bread, lots of jams, tasty cheese, fresh juices and tasty vegetables will make for a lovely treat. You will happily discover that products here are organic and locally made. In fact, this is the case with many hostels up in the northern European countries. Very protective of the environment, the staff will ask you to take just one napkin at the time and offer you recycled paper bowls for your jam.

The keyword that defines this hostel is “vibe”. As the constant exchange of smiles will unleash, you will feel very welcomed at all times. It’s that kind of hostel that feels like home. It doesn’t matter where you come from and what your idea of fun is, Stayokay seems like the place to have everything for everyone.

The drinks bar may be popular at night time, but it’s great as a working space during the day as well. Help yourself to all the games, books and party coupons throughout Amsterdam. Tasting some great wine or enjoying a Ben&Jerry relax you before getting out some of your dance moves. Before entering the bar, make sure to check daily offers, try the „drink of the day” and just enjoy the surprises.

If you are the adventurous type, grab a bike and enjoy the authentic Amsterdam Experience; a view from the bike is a view like no other. Stroll along the canals and visit some of the fantastic museums of Amsterdam. If you need a snack for the road, you can pick up some Dutch goodies right at the reception. When rain sneaks up on you, get back inside and shoot some pool or choose postcards to send to your loved ones; the receptionist will make sure it will get delivered the next day.

Eco-friendly Politics

Holland has been fighting with waters to get its land, so it is highly admirable how Dutch people learned to protect it. You will find responsible consumerism at each step here: the staff equipment is made from recycled fabric, you have water-filtering bottles at the reception, infographics that teach you how to be responsible when using water, energy and so on.

By talking a little bit with the manager, we found out how their mission is sustaining responsible and eco-friendly practices as a priority, rather than just chasing profit. Which sounds just about right, since the whole chain of hostels spread around Holland is working also as a foundation. Stayokay is the head of many beautiful projects that promote sustainability and education.

For example, they organize trips for children that come from families that do not have a great financial situation and make sure they have a meaningful experience in another part of the country, which they have not seen before. The group of children is offered transport, great accommodation and tasty meals, as well as many fun activities. In order to encourage them to pursue their dreams and know they will have a bright future if they set their mind to it, the foundation tries to deliver insights and good practices.

Besides the great location, the superior facilities and the great feeling it gives you, Stayokay Vondelpark is more than a place where travelers can rest. We were just amazed by how they get to raise an organizational culture . What you will find here is a genuine experience, integrated extremely well into the Dutch culture, making it a top pick in Amsterdam.


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