Germany has been blessed with lush nature and historical sites. Cities with medieval architectural masterpieces are of primary interest to travelers worldwide. The majestic cathedrals and administrative buildings allow us to trace the entire history of a particular city. Moreover, Germany is dotted with impressive castles castles that can be called national treasures. Let’s take a look at the top-rated tourist attractions in Germany.

# Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

This monumental neoclassical structure consists of six columns with a chariot at the top. The total height of the Brandenburg Gate is 26 meters. This building is the hallmark of Berlin and one of the most noteworthy places to visit in Germany. Being near these gates, tourists can feel all the majesty of the structure. Visually, it has a lot in common with the Greek Acropolis. It is worth noting that the structure was badly damaged during the Second World War, but now you will not find even the slightest flaw in it.

# Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

The Kölner Dom is the first thing you need to see if you find yourself in Cologne. It is noteworthy that the cathedral was built in 1248. In fact, this is the most famous and ambitious building of the Middle Ages, which has been preserved in its original form to this day.

The facade of the building is made in the Gothic style with many columns and domes. The interior of the cathedral is striking in its size, frescoes, and rich decoration. The building has viewing platforms that allow you to see almost the entire city at a glance.

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# The Black Forest

The Black Forest is the most popular mountainous region in Germany. Here you will see unique nature, with forests and hills, which seem to be made for tourist excursions. If you love skiing, you should definitely visit the Todtnau resort, which is rightfully considered one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful.

The Black Forest Open Air Museum is another sight worth seeing. History students can learn here a lot of interesting information about the history of the region. However, some excursions can be quite lengthy. If you are a student and want to take a longer look at all the exhibits, you can order essays online and enjoy the cultural attractions.

#Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle could be the perfect setting for a fantasy movie. Neuschwanstein is located near the Alps and is surrounded by dense forest. If you really want to see all the sights of Germany, then you must visit here.

Tourists can use guides to see all the rooms of the castle and climb the observation towers to enjoy the view of the forest and mountains. This is an indescribable feeling of freedom and delight. In general, the Neuschwanstein castle is the most famous building in Europe and embodies German architects’ skills.

#Miniatur Wunderland and the Historic Port of Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland is the first place to visit in Hamburg. Here you will find a small copy of the railway with all the administrative buildings, city attractions, and administrative blocks. Tourists spend a lot of time here, learning how it all works. Of course, local architects have done a tremendous job.

Another interesting location is the Historic Port of Hamburg. This is a huge area that you should see on a boat. The whole 100 square kilometers with operating terminals and cruise ships make a lasting impression on tourists. This is very interesting since the port works as a single mechanism. It’s like a giant anthill.

The Rhine Valley

It is a Magnificent Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the exquisite nature, you can see about 40 castles and about 60 medieval cities perfect for traveling by car. You can move along the valley and watch the majestic castles and beautiful slopes, which are simply gorgeous. One of Germany’s main advantages is its nature and serenity that a tourist receives during a trip.

Berlin’s Museum Island

This museum complex is also known as Spree Island and is located at the intersection of two rivers, surrounded by beautiful water channels. It is here that you will find royal treasures of Germany and one of the most impressive museum sites in all of Europe.

#The lovely Bamberg

If you are a fan of German architecture, then the lovely city of Bamberg is a great place to visit. There are many medieval buildings and original architectural ensembles that combine baroque and gothic motives. Here you can familiarize yourself with the city’s beautiful layout, which practically did not suffer during the Second World War. We also advise you to visit the Benedictine abbey of Michaelsberg to learn more about the history of the region and enjoy the beautiful frescoes.


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