Vail Amphitheater

The Fang in Veil is a majestic ice pillar, famous amongst the ice climbers in Colorado. The unusual ice fang only forms in extremely cold winters but when it does, it is the joy and target of anyone practicing this ice sport in USA. You probably guessed that this structure is part of a waterfall. When the temperature drops, the only thing that is left from the cascades is this incredible looking white fang. This ice column measures over 50 meters and 8 meters in diameter at the base which makes it a pretty impressive ice climbing target.

Before you get all wrapped up in the amazing photos below, you should know ice climbing is a very dangerous sport that requires a lot of experience and special equipment including ropes, ice screws and so on. We will cover ice climbing as an extreme sport in the posts to come. Be sure to check out the movie for a more realistic image.

ice climbing the fang in veil










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