Bitcoin’s global nature makes it ideal for travel at home and abroad. Its digital nature and freedom from large banks eliminate the need for money exchange while traveling. Plus, it has the added security of not being tied to a physical bill, coin, or device that can be lost or stolen.

Even more than a decade after its launch, using Bitcoin for travel is limited by the number of businesses that accept it. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are still relatively new and somewhat unpredictable compared to traditional currencies, or even credit or debit cards, so a few corporations are wary of dealing with them.

However, quite a few hotels accept it, so putting your Bitcoin to work by helping you see the world is possible when you know where to look. Below are six famous hotels that accept Bitcoins as payment.

# Golden Gate Hotel

Spend your Bitcoins on a bit of glitz and glamor in Las Vegas. The Golden Gate Hotel accepts Bitcoin payments for some of its amenities, though not all, so you will want a combination of cash and Bitcoin on hand.

Las Vegas is a prime location for vacationers looking to use Bitcoin in place of traditional currencies. The city was a pioneer in using cryptocurrencies, with retailers and select merchants accepting Bitcoin transactions almost from inception. Vegas’ overall acceptance of Bitcoin encouraged a few of the area’s largest hotels to begin taking it as well, with the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino Las Vegas among the first in 2014.

# The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Another hotel in Vegas tops our list. The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel began accepting Bitcoin as payment for some of the hotel’s amenities in 2014.

Guests can make Bitcoin payments through BitPay, a third-party payment company specializing in Bitcoin transactions. Visitors can use Bitcoin in the hotel’s gift shop, two of its on-site restaurants, and the front desk. However, the casino cannot accept Bitcoin while complying with regulations held by Nevada’s Gaming Commission.

# Kauai Shores Hotel

Do your tastes run more toward tropical getaways rather than shows, buffets, and casinos? Kauai Shores Hotel in Kauai, Hawaii, accepts Bitcoin payments as well.

Enjoy the beauty of Hawaii’s Royal Coconut Coast in comfort and take advantage of some of the best deals in Kauai. Kauai Shores Hotel partners with other local businesses to provide their guests with deals and discounts to various attractions in the area.

Hogan Hospitality Group, the hotel management company behind Kauai Shores Hotel, is continually looking for ways to improve guest experiences. They added acceptance of Bitcoin to allow guests greater flexibility in payment methods and peace of mind.

# The Dolder Grand – Zurich, Switzerland

Perhaps your tastes run toward something more established. If so, you will want to check out The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland, a five-star hotel with a 129-year history. While keeping its proud history, The Dolder Grand has kept pace with technology to provide guests with the best local heritage and modern amenities.

Situated high above the city, The Dolder Grand provides breathtaking views and natural scenery. It remains close enough to Zurich to provide easy access to its activities and attractions. Yet, guests who wish to stay on the hotel grounds will find plenty of entertainment in the on-site restaurants and spa packages.

The Dolder Grand accepts Bitcoin for their integrated spa, booking, and tabs for food and drink. Guests can perform Bitcoin transactions through the Inapay mobile app.

# Sandman Hotels, Canada and Worldwide

Sandman Hotel Group was another early adopter of Bitcoin, and it now runs more than 50 hotels in four countries where the cryptocurrency is accepted. Sandman Hotels accepts Bitcoin transactions which are processed through Coinbase, one of the leading providers of crypto exchange services in Canada and worldwide.

Sandman Hotels all feature modern designs throughout the rooms and suites, and they have implemented additional cleaning and safety features throughout their hotels in response to Covid-19. Perspective guests can find detailed information on these measures through their website.

All locations offer complimentary WiFi, on-site restaurants and eateries, and fitness facilities. They offer the best rate guarantee for bookings made through the Sandman Hotel Group website. Sandman Hotels also have a flexible cancellation policy with no penalties for cancellations made with a 24-hour notice.

# Casual Hotels, Spain and Portugal

Casual Hotels of Spain and Portugal renovated their rooms and suites in the past few years and upgraded their technology integration in the process. Accepting Bitcoin payments via BitPay was just part of this technological upgrade for the themed hotel chain.

No matter your passions or tastes, Casual Hotels likely has a hotel themed to fit it among their collection of hotels across Portugal and Spain. They also offer several packages designed to make traveling with your family or pets as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Services specialized for rooming with dogs, infants, and large families and access to free WiFi are standard throughout the chain. However, the theme and amenities vary from one hotel to the next, so take your time perusing their list of hotels.

When it comes time to settle your bill, you may request a Whatsapp invoice or payment code, or you may scan the company’s QR code at reception or via their website. BitPay will record the transaction and handle the conversion from Bitcoin to euro.

While it can be challenging to find hotels that accept Bitcoin payments or other alternative currencies, many hotels worldwide are starting to see its appeal. The security and ease of traveling with Bitcoin make it well worth the effort of researching hotels that accept Bitcoin, a process we hope this list has made a bit easier.


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