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The Zion Narrows is a fascinating canyon section situated in Zion National Park (near Springdale, Utah, USA), on the North Fork of the Virgin River.With its soaring walls, sandstone grottoes, hanging gardens and natural springs, the Zion Narrows is one of the premier hikes on the Colorado Plateau. Having a 6 km long section between the end of the Riverside Walk Trail and Big Springs, about 60% of this hike is spent wading, walking and sometimes swimming in the stream (depends on the season).

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Picture by Christian Schirm

It is a real adventure to cross the Narrows because it has no maintained trail and the only route is the river. During the rainy season, the Virgin River triples its volume creating powerful currents, the water is cold and the rocks are slippery. In these situations, the hike presents constant dangers such as flash flooding or hypothermia. For such an adventure in Zion Narrows, all hikers should take some extra safety measures starting with a good planning, choosing the proper equipment and sound judgment that are essential for a safe and successful trip. And just to make an impression about this destination, it is important to say that hiking the Narrows was rated # 5 in the National Geographic ranking of America’s Best 100 Adventures. More information about the Zion Narrows here.


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