Spending all of your time indoors is stifling. By the time summer rolls around, you’ve likely spent months crammed inside longing for a little sunshine. Spring is lovely but fitful. A summer vacation might be exactly what you need to unwind. The perfect getaway includes ample time outside as well as a retreat when it gets too hot. Here are a couple of ideas to spark your imagination:

#Rent a Houseboat for the summer

There are many opportunities for renting a houseboat all across the USA. One example is The Lake of the Ozarks, a man-made reservoir located in Missouri. It’s one of the chief attractions of the Ozarks. The gorgeous natural scenery provides ample opportunity for explorers to experience the glories of nature. One of the most fun things to do is to get a houseboat rental.

The boats are designed to be slept in. There’s a bedroom, bathroom, and often a kitchen area. You get the conveniences of living in a hotel room while being on water. You’ll get unparalleled access to unique waterfront views.

What to Bring

Some houseboats come with staff. Visitors are allowed to rent both. You can hire someone to control the boat and cook for you during the journey. Or you play captain yourself and enjoy more privacy.

Either way, you’ll need to bring supplies. Constantly having to return to shore will quickly grow annoying.

It’s a good idea to stock the kitchen. Your meals can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Just make sure you bring enough, even if you plan on stopping at one of the many available restaurants. No one wants to be hungry on vacation. You can also bring entertainment options. A pack of cards, a board game, a fishing rod.

#Engage in Water Sports, Camping and Hiking

The country is riddled with state and national parks. There’s so much to do that it’s impossible to experience it all without permanently moving onto the land.

Your entire trip can revolve around visiting fresh hiking trails and campgrounds. America is full of gorgeous, natural scenery.

Within the national parks, you also have the perfect opportunity to engage in water sports. Skiing, tubing, etc. A lake is a common feature at many parks.

When you get on land, you can do traditional things like go camping or hiking.

You can easily set your exertion to match your fitness level. If you’re an athlete, the land offers plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. If you’re not, you can keep it simple.

People who want to party can also find what they’re looking for. Many state parks also have a thriving nightlife scene. There are bars and mini-nightclubs open late into the night. You can meet new people or party with your own crew.

#Drive Through the States 

Driving through the U.S. is an extremely pleasant experience. If you have the time, try driving from coast to coast. You’ll be able to see a huge swath of the country.

If your time is limited, you can confine the drive to your own state. There are wonders that you may have never seen before. Look up a plan or guide before you hit the road. Your kids can come on the trip as well. Entertainment options abound. Games, toys, and electronics can ease the sting of boredom little ones may feel during long stretches on the road.

# Get Active and join a sports league

Another easy way to enjoy the outdoors is to join a sports league. It doesn’t matter how old you are! Most cities have thriving adult leagues. Softball, basketball, etc., are popular choices.

If you don’t want the commitment of regular games and practices, you can try joining a gym. You might be able to find a game of pick-up basketball or volleyball.

Getting active during summer forces you to step outside your comfort zone.

#Engage into farming and permaculture activities 

There are several ways you can escape the urban jungle and spend a few weeks admiring a beautifuk landscape in the USA. One example is through Workaway, a platform that allows you to live alongside people in pristine natural surroundings and learn the art of gardening, permaculture,  or other outdoor activities.

Photo by Dave Boehnlein


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