Looking for a traditional British seaside holiday near the city? One of your best options is to visit Dorset. Many would agree that it’s one of the best places to visit in the UK. There are many reasons for this, including the prehistoric Jurassic Coast, the majestic chalk cliffs and the famous Corfe Castle. What’s great is that you can see all of these attractions by going on a road trip adventure in Dorset. If this sounds like something you’d do, then here’s a quick guide to help you plan your trip.


Getting to the Jurassic Coast

From London, there are trains going to Bournemouth, Weymouth and Poole, all of which are great places to start your trip. Of course, you can choose to drive as well, which allows you to absorb all of the beautiful surroundings you’ll see during your trip at your own pace.

Once you reach the Jurassic Coast, it’s highly recommended to hire a car. It’s simply the best way to visit the different attractions as you can stop whenever you wish. You can choose to stay in Poole or Bournemouth if you want the buzz of a large town as your base, or somewhere like Swanage for a smaller, relaxing vibe. From there, you can pick up the car to begin your road trip. Also, prices start climbing up once summer approaches, so prepare your budget accordingly.


Your first stop should be the beautiful town of Swanage. This coastal town has a population of only around 10,000. But this is the same reason why it’s such a unique place to spend your vacation. The quiet ambience coupled with the picturesque surroundings will leave you breathless as you explore the hidden treasures of Swanage and its surrounding areas.

You can spend the day at Swanage Beach, a Blue Flag winner and a favourite among both locals and tourists. Swanage News provides the latest updates about local events, so be sure to check it out. If you’ve always wanted to experience a traditional seaside holiday, this is the place to be.


Lulworth Cove

When in Jurassic Coast, you can’t afford to miss Lulworth Cove. It’s one of the most popular destinations for tourists, especially those who want to capture social media-worthy photographs. The cove is only a few metres away from the actual beach, providing visitors with easy access.


The Isle of Portland

Did you know that the Isle of Portland became part of the Olympics? It served as the setting for a few water sports, which helped it gain international fame. The view from the top hill gives you stunning sea views, flanked by water on both sides.



If you’ve managed to make it out of Dorset and down to Devon you’ll have seen many wonderful sights on your road trip. Make Seaton your last stop before heading back to real life. It’s a nice place to relax and sit all day in a deck chair.


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