Citizens who have the liberty to work remotely from any part of the globe are often called digital nomads. These lucky folks usually work flexible schedules, which is a way of life that’s becoming increasingly popular in various countries in the world. To meet these growing needs, many nations have now made special programs for people who want to settle in one country while rendering service to clients or employers in different countries worldwide.

Being a digital nomad can be a worthwhile pursuit, especially if you consider the benefits you can get with living in the United States.


  • Passports, Visas, and Other Legalities

You gotta love paperwork!  Before you pack the first bag, you’ll need to do the paperwork. consult the help of the US Immigration services so they can guide you on the  visa applications you’ll need. Of course, if you love the US and want to stay they can help you with  applying to become an American citizen.

That being said, here are the simple steps you need to follow in living the digital nomad life in your new home.


  • Know Your Niche

Before becoming a digital nomad, ask yourself these questions: what are your skills? What are you good at? If you know your skills to heart and what you can offer, it’ll be easier for you to know what kind of job you’re looking for.

It’s also important to look into your hobbies and get started from there. If you have a passion for social media, you can try venturing into content marketing or social media management. Aligning your niche to your hobbies is a great way for it to not feel like work at all. Because of this, determine first what your background is. Whether it be graphic or website designing, arts, digital marketing, and more, there are plenty of niches you can choose from. All you have to do is list down all the things you think you can do and find a career where your skills will be put into productive work.


  • Build a portfolio

One way you can establish your reputation and credibility as a digital nomad is by building a portfolio or creating your own website while you’re at it. Many clients and employers will hire you based on what you can offer, so a portfolio is handy for reference purposes. This will allow them to gauge your skills and determine if you’re worthy of the job.

Having a website can also help since it’ll easily direct customers to your site, increasing your chances of getting offered jobs and referrals. Once you’ve already gained sufficient experience, you can also ask for testimonials from your clients to put on your site.


  • Expand your network

Try to reach out to acquaintances or friends who are also working in a similar field as yours and see what plays out. Expanding your network through friends in the same industry will help you meet new clients or employers who can sustain your digital nomad lifestyle. Moreover, you can also opt to join social media groups on Facebook, where digital nomads share experiences, tips, or advice about this kind of work setup. Who knows, you might be able to gain really meaningful insights, even potential clients, from them!


  • Start. Just do it.

Once you’ve all had the prior steps established, you can now just start and get yourself out of there by sending cold emails, marketing yourself through social media, or applying on various platforms as well. One easy way to get started with your job is by offering your services to family and friends. This can open opportunities to big clients, further widening your connections. This is also a great way for you to build up your portfolio which you can show to interested employers or customers. You can also prepare for this by making a list of publications or potential clients that may like your work — seize every opportunity!


  • Prove your reliability

Once you’ve already gotten a feel of what being a digital nomad is like, the challenge is to sustain this momentum and deliver consistent results time and time again. You want this lifestyle not to be a mere one-time thing, so you’d have to gradually build up your expertise, look for clients, and find new opportunities to venture that will help you grow and excel more in your field of work.

For this, make sure that you constantly deliver your promises, present professionalism at all times, and also understand varying time zones that you’ll have to deal with as a digital nomad.



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