To cruise, or not to cruise? It’s a question that people who’ve never delved into life on the open seas probably ask themselves roughly once per summer (or rather, it’s a question we all ask ourselves ever since the age of having our own money knowing we want to do something more exciting with our time than spend seven days in some faceless touristy beachside hotel).

The pandemics left everyone wondering whether cruise lines will return in 2020 and what their new ‘feel’ would be. While back in April the situation seemed dire, famous cruise companies have already announced an improvement in their cancellation policy, as well as new safety measures, which include air filtration, social distancing and increased sanitation protocols.

Travel benefits when it comes to cruise ships

Before we move on, let’s get into some of the benefits of cruise ships…

#See lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of things

Cruise ships don’t drop anchor in the middle of the sea and expect you to be happy with the view of the waves. They visit cities. Lots of cities. Maybe 10 different cities for an average voyage. This is your chance to unpack once, see multiple countries in one trip, and meet tons of people from all walks of life. You’ll also have the opportunity to take some of the most interesting photos you’re ever likely to take (ideal for that photo wall at home). You could also see this as tremendous value for money – a cruise ship is a gateway to more cultural experiences in one trip than you would be exposed to in maybe five or six even seven individual trips.

cruise liner

#Be social

Cruise ships are like floating cities. If you want to read a book and be left alone to soak up some sun on the high seas, nobody is going to stop you. Likewise, if you want to get involved with the onboard entertainment and sporting activities, all on your doorstep, you’ll meet like-minded people who want to have a good time and are as equally pleased to make your acquaintance as you are to make theirs.

#Early booking

If you book early, you could benefit from incentives/perks such as drinks packages, free Wi-Fi, and onboard credit.

How about the main disadvantages of cruises?

#Seasick and claustrophobia

If you’ve had the means but never cruised, it’s probably you’ve succumbed to one of two main (and common) suppositions. These are that you will be seasick the whole time, thus ruining your chances of enjoying yourself, and that there’s no escape on a ship so what if you become a touch claustrophobic. Let’s address these concerns one by one. Nope. And, meh.

You see, cruise ships are so steady that they have crazy golf and pool tables. Ever think about that? And as for the space issue? How many times per day would you say you walk over 1,000 ft? How many times per day would you say you climb more than 20 sets of stairs? Space and outdoor areas are the least of your worries on a cruise ship.

Should you cruise in 2020?

For many, the answer is a definite ‘no’. As was proven in the beginning of the year, cruises are a great medium for viruses, especially noroviruses, which are commonly associated with stomach aches. But if you really do not want to wait until the next year, then you should book a trip with the cruise provider that offers a high level of safety. And take precaution measures yourself, thus helping out the cruise personnel, the other passengers on board, and ultimately yourself.


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