Nuremberg Handwerkerhof

Narrow cobbled streets, warm colors and tiny half-timber homes make up the lively medieval village of Handwerkerhof in Nuremberg, Germany. A dynamic craftsmen’s haven sheltered by Nuremberg’s old walls, this tiny refuge is nourishment for the traveler’s constantly-pursuing senses.

The story of this pretty settlement goes back to the 15th century, when the city was famous for its craftsmen and handcrafted products which supplied markets all over Europe.  The Handwerkerhof was established in 1971, as a tribute to those blossoming ages. According to Handwerkerhof Nurenberg, it is here that travelers can “watch the process of glass-blowing, listen to the hiss of hot metal in the tin foundry, see the goldsmith at her work and observe the pyrographer as she decorates wooden panels of all sorts with poker work! Typical Nuremberg products like tinplate toys, delicate mechanical items and leather goods are on offer.


Handwerkerhof is located pretty close to the Nuremberg Castle, so after you take in the panoramic views of the city, you can further relax by walking on sweet alleyways. Handwerkerhof Nurnberg official website offers a sneak peek of you will find here from the end of March each year.



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