Devil’s Tower is a monolithic structure located within the Black Hills, in northeastern Wyoming, USA. The unusual looking rocky tower seems to reign over the surrounding lands, as it rises 1,267 feet (386 meters) above them. Its total hight is 5,112 feet (1,558 meters).


There are a lot of legends built around this natural spectacle, one of which draw are attention. Here is the short version: it is said that one day a tribe who lived by the  river ( presently known as river Belle Fourche and located near the rock) were admiring seven little girls playing at a distance. In those times, the are was packed full with bears and one of them starting running after the girls. They ran as fast as they could until they found a small rock and begun climbing. The legend says that as the girls stepped on it, the rock starting growing higher and higher to keep the girls safe. The bear couldn’t get to them, but the traces of his claws are still visible today throwout the surface of the tower.

In fact, this formation is also known as “Bear Lodge” or “Bear’s House” which are the names that the Indians used to “define” it, before the Americans took over these territories.


Today hundreds of climbers visit Devils Tower national Park each year and use traditional techniques in order to climb the mountain.

Here is a place where you can get more information in case you are planning a trip in this location and here are some testimonials and more photos in case you have the equipment for climbing and are interesting in doing this. Be sure to also take a look of the video in order to get a general idea of what this type of experience might feel like.



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