China from a Vantage Point: Glass Skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain

The glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the Tianmen Mountain, China, seems especially built for the fearless. But walking on this incredible pathway, suspended 1,430 meters high up in the air (about 4 691.6 feet) is also 6,35 centimeters thick (2.5 inches), making it safe for the avalanche of tourists.


Glass Skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain

The Skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain offers thrilling views of the surrounding mountains, not to mention the ones beneath your feet. This is one of the reasons why it is said the cleaners of the path make visitors wear cloth shoes over their footwear, in order to make their job easier and less scary. The bridge is about 61 meters long (200 feet) and its impressive height allows travelers to have a look at the mountain peaks below. This amazing spot is just one of the many attractions of the Hunan Province in China.

The Skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain is slightly higher than the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which we featured here. But the comparison can go no further; these two attractions are located in unique places, each of them triggering a different set of emotions. Enjoy the photos !

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