Thailand can provide some memorable yacht experiences. Find places to visit and enjoy delicious cuisines during the trip. It is surrounded by beautiful islands, which is why many tourists charter a yacht to cherish every moment. It does matter to know how long is yacht charter season in Thailand to plan a trip ahead. The good news is that most operators allow travelers to charter yachts for a week which can be extended.

So then, begin planning a yacht trip. This post will give you ideas about the different types of yacht charters and some destinations to visit.

Benefits of Chartering Yachts in Thailand

Spending the holiday with families and friends on a yacht is incredible. Enough with the crowded spots and explore something new via a luxurious boat. Choosing to charter a yacht gives off the following advantages:

1. Comfortable Travel

All you need to do is to ride on a yacht and enjoy the sea breeze. It comes with an experienced captain to ensure safer travel. Chartering companies also provide a crew to serve the guests. This factor depends on your liking, as some people prefer yachting without any crew.

It is fully insured to guarantee everyone’s protection in case of the worst scenarios. Reputable yacht charters also adhere to international standards in keeping up their vessel. Overall, there will be peace of mind as you wander over the seas.

2. Better Privacy

Chartering a yacht is a good escape from a busy life. Some individuals want to spend time alone with their loved ones. This is possible with a yacht wherein privacy is highly respected. You can do whatever you want and enjoy an exclusive trip.

3. Try Boat Activities

The best thing about chartering a yacht is it gives you multiple options on how to enjoy it. First, know your budget before you engage in any activities on a yacht. One tip is to travel with a group to reduce your expenses and try out more watersports.

Did you have diving experiences in the past? Live Boarding might suit your skills as well. Thailand has the best sites for live boarding where divers may encounter sea creatures. The country has wealthy marine life making it the most popular diver’s spot in Asia.

Other water activities to try include snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Also, take advantage of the rock formations and go hiking. It is best to make every moment count on a yacht.

4. Many Yacht Charter Options 

A lot of companies offer yachts of different sizes, therefore, choose one according to your budget and needs. But first, determine the number of guests to select a yacht with the right room sizes and other amenities.

Below are two options when chartering a yacht:

  • Bareboat Charter

Having experience sailing alone makes it ideal to pick a bareboat charter.  The responsibility is all yours, such as navigating and mooring the yacht. However, hiring someone who can help you in doing some tasks is still an option.

  • Crewed

Charter a crewed yacht if you long for a more comfortable trip. It is an ideal option for first-time sailors that delivers a hotel-like boat experience. The crew will perform important tasks and is also responsible for maintenance checkups. Furthermore, a reliable crew will lead you to places worth visiting.

Common Types of Yachts

After you have decided to choose between a bareboat and a crewed yacht, picking the right type of boat is up next.

  • Catamarans

Looking for a yacht perfect for family outings demands full-size rooms and a huge deck. Catamarans are very ideal to meet those needs. One thing to boast about is their great stability on the water, despite traveling faster than the other types of yachts.

  • Motor Boat

If you are looking for a yacht with luxurious amenities, such as a pool, huge cabins, and entertainment, then a motor boat suits you. This is a popular type of yacht wherever you go.

  • Sailing Boat

This one is recommended for couples who want a romantic date on a yacht. It relies on the wind rather than a motor. It is less stable and smaller than catamarans and motorboats.

Top Three Yacht Destinations in Thailand

1. Krabi Island

Krabi island is an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. The majestic view of the forests and rock formations will add up to your overall yacht experience. It has calm water which is necessary for a safer boat trip.

2. Koh Chang Island

This island is located in Thailand’s Gulf and is blessed with beautiful sceneries, like waterfalls, trails, and the jungle. It is also best for night parties.

3. Phi Phi Island

It is a tropical beach with rich marine life and rock formations. Another thing is that most visitors fell in love with its turquoise waters.

Cost of Chartering Yachts in Thailand

The cost of yacht charters varies due to many factors. There may be extra fees depending on your itineraries, such as fuel, mooring, and cleaning fees. Contact a yacht broker to help you estimate expenses from chartering to using a yacht.

Final Thoughts

Chartering businesses in Thailand aim to satisfy each traveler’s needs. There is a wide range of yachts to choose from that vary in price, size, and offered amenities. Thus, pick a luxurious boat that fits your budget and lifestyle to enjoy the entire trip.



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