Traveling by caravan has become a trend in the past years. It is more private and ideal for families and friends who want to enjoy a holiday trip. Here is a beginner’s guide to getting started with your van life:

Helpful Campervan Tips For Beginners

The following tips are based on the real-life experiences of a campervan user. You should be aware that most remote spots have no electricity which is crucial for road trips. Hence, having a powered van will make camping experiences safer and more comfortable. A caravan airconditioner powered by a generator is mandatory when driving along secluded areas and this is probably something really important to have in mind.  But first thing’s first:

  • Buy or Hire a Caravan ?

Since it is your first-time caravan camping, renting a van is a better choice. The market has to offer vans at reasonable prices that anyone can afford. It is easy to fall in love with a campervan which will push you to buy one for the next trip.

The option of buying a caravan gives you countless options, so pick which one suits your long-term needs. Most vans are convertible according to the travel requirements. For that reason, van owners have the privilege of fixing the vehicle whenever they want to.

  • Create Itinerary 

Van life demands a lot of ideas to enjoy each destination. Writing an itinerary will help you organize your trip from listing items to shopping and doing daily chores in a van. It is similar to living in a hotel about the things you might need during your stay.

Following the itinerary helps you to watch out for your budget. It will lead to places you have a plan to visit and also guides your spending. It should be flexible and easy to improvise in case you change your mind.

  • Check Temperature

Taking into account the climate in places you want to visit matters. This is to pack the right clothes and cover-ups to protect yourself from cold temperatures. While air conditioning is needed when roaming around hot places, which might increase fuel consumption.

Furthermore, know the best times when to visit your desired place with a caravan. Avoid the winter season as it might freeze you to death.

  • Secure Comfort

Resting is part of the trip after long drives. If you plan to sleep outdoors, ensure to bring a mattress that fits in the caravan.  Other resources that will mean a lot for your comfort must be in storage. Leave things that do not matter behind to save space for rest.

Also, secure a room for your essentials, such as food, water, and other things necessary for your trip. Place them on easily accessible spots in the caravan. One more tip is to only buy foods good for three days to avoid spoilage. Adding a refrigerator can help to preserve more food when camping for a longer period.

  • Enhance Safety

Driving a caravan non-stop can cause fatigue, which is among the causes of road accidents in the past years. Find a co-driver to take breaks and prevent road risks.

For beginners, it is recommended to practice driving before the actual trip to inspect vehicle parts. You will get to know how to maneuver the van when parking it.

Safety must be the priority in driving a campervan. Part of it is double-checking the wheels before going on a trip. Bring repair tools so that you are ready to face road hazards.

  • Prepare a Meal Plan

caravan cooking

Having a meal plan can reduce stress for the whole trip. Estimate the amount of food you can consume for a certain time and begin shopping. Though most cities have food stalls along the road, planning your meal in a day would reduce expenses.

  • Add Entertainment

Long rides can be boring without something to entertain you. Many campers bring devices to play music during the trip or download movies. This is why installing satellites on caravans becomes popular to make travel more exciting and fun.

  • Collect Garbage Properly

This is more than just a tip but a reminder for every camper to take care of the environment. Some places may not have trash cans to hold garbage and so bringing one makes you eco-friendly. It is also a good move to recycle items for longer camping periods. One of the essences of van life is to learn and discover new things, which you can start from scratch.

  • Be Energy-Efficient

Solar installation on caravans is necessary for non-stop camp experiences. Start investing in tools that promote energy efficiency when you begin to add a campervan to your lifestyle. It may require a higher initial cost, however, will benefit your van’s life in the long run.

  • Insurance

Like other vehicles, insurance is also necessary for campervans. It adds up protection against possible liabilities in case of risk of damage. This is more needed when traveling farther distances to keep everyone safe and expand the lifespan of the caravan.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the campervan tips will save you time and money. It can be hard to travel for the first time using a caravan with all the things to keep in mind. Ensure to prioritize safety and comfort for everyone wherever you go. Carefully plan for the itinerary and do not overlook important matters for the ride. Consider the tips above to get started and secure an amazing van life with your families.


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