Although not as famous as the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly has landscapes that are just as beautiful.  This wonder of nature is located in northeastern Arizona  and is very special place, due to the profound influences it had over the life and beliefs of the people who used to live here: the Navajo Indians. Canyon de Chelly has a serene and peaceful atmosphere and is perfect for an invigorating holiday complemented with a little History and ancient wisdom.

The Chelly Canyon is actually a wide labyrinth of canyons dug by the slow moving of the rivers through the red grindstone of the Defiance plateau. The canyon walls, varying in height from 9 to 300 meters, are not just very steep, but also very smooth.

The Navajo Indians occupied these lands between the years 100-1300. It was here, in this canyon fortress that the Indians had to counterstrike the invaders successive attacks.



Spider Rock is a representative monument for the canyon, a sandstone spire that rises 800 feet (240 m) from the ground.



A few constructions spread throughout the canyon are sad reminders of a lost world.


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