Utopia Arkitekter designed a prototype for a trekking cabin in Iceland, able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The small hut is dubbed Skýli (Icelandic for “shelter”) and the designers say it is meant to be easily transported to remote locations along some of the most famous trekking trails on Iceland.

“Our trekking cabin, Skýli, combines four sharply pointed pyramidal shapes into a very strong, durable, safe and stable structure that is both characteristic of, and highly visible in the landscape,” the architects said.


“The triangular gables resemble a classic tent, the most basic shelter used by trekkers worldwide. It is also the same shape frequently used in the roof structures of traditional Icelandic cabins or huts.”

Skýli has four activity areas: two for rest and sleep, one for cooking, mending and communication, and one for eating and storing emergency supplies.

Heating is generated by the people inhabiting the cabin. Small manually regulated vents will be installed throughout the 4 areas. The cooking facility is powered by LPG and the gas can also be used for heating when needed.

So far there is no news regarding when these small blue huts will dot Iceland’s volcano hiking paths. What do you think of their design? [Photos and information provided by Utopia Arkitekter]


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