Planning a trip in July requires a few steps that you should take to ensure the road to the best decision. It’s essential to organize every part of your search so that it leads to an unforgettable destination. Bellow you will find 5 essential tips and suggestions from experts that might reveal your next summer holiday destination.

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#Establishing the Vacation’s Purpose

The first step of your holiday planning is to define its purpose. The purpose will lead you to establishing how long your trip will be, and whether it includes a weekend. You can check dates here to see which is the best time to take a holiday in July.

  • Relaxation: Who doesn’t dream of resting for hours and enjoying a fine cocktail on the beach? A holiday for relaxation might narrow down your research to destinations with beaches, islands or mountainside resorts.
  • Reconnect: If you’re away from nature most of the time but long to rediscover it and reconnect with your peace, you can choose specific destinations. There are small towns and villages with specific agriculture and activities that help you charge your batteries.
  • Get fit: Active persons might enjoy camping, riding a bike or practicing some water sports during their holiday. Once you have your favorite activity, you eliminate the other possibilities.
  • Visit: There are tourists who enjoy their vacations most if they wake up at 8 AM, leave the hotel and visit places until evening. They enjoy city breaks and love to plan a trip and discover sites. They are happy in cities with a strong cultural heritage and unique atmosphere.
  • Discover: You might want to pay a visit to a famous spa or check into a castle. This leads you directly to the destination, and only leaves you research-based tasks regarding its surroundings.

#Discovering Continents

There are countries in some continents such as Asia who require more tasks prior to the trip. If you plan to visit Beirut, you should activate a special phone roaming program to be able to make calls. Also, Canada representatives may ask for additional papers even if you only plan a touristic visit.


Deciding on the continent makes it easier for you to prepare necessary papers or avoid the fuss they imply. Moreover, there are parts of continents you might avoid due to high or low temperatures. Northern Europe looks impressive in summer, even though it has short days and long cold nights during the rest of the year.

#Calculate Time and Budget

Decide on how long your holiday trip will last and when it’s best to make it. If you leave with your family, you should obtain everyone’s confirmation that they are available. Some companies may require employees not to take a vacation in a specific week or period, due to reports or month ends. Moreover, children may have summer school or trainings they should attend.

Budget also determines where your holiday takes place. You may want to enjoy high class hotels and expensive cocktails. However, you might also dream to stay in a rustic house where you can lie on a wooden cheap bed. Determine your budget to see where your vacation will happen!

  • Most expensive destinations in the world: Seychelles, Dubai, Tuscany, Oslo and Musha Hay from the Bahamas.
  • Cheapest destinations: Costa del Sol, Sunny Beach from Bulgaria, Portugal, Marmaris from Turkey, according to the annual Holiday Costs Barometer.
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#Don’t Fear Websites and Apps

Google Trips and SkyScanner are two of the options that tourists should use to check out prices and destinations. There are also Adioso, Skiplagged and Google Flights. You should not fear websites and apps, if they’re well-rated and official. Make sure to set time in your printable calendar to find the best resources for flight tickets and accommodation.

However, take note that websites without rankings, user testimonials and comments, and visible contact details are suspicious. Do not provide your credit card details to websites and sources who are not trustworthy. Some promises for cheap tickets may be scams that end up ruining your holiday plans instead of accomplishing them.

#Expect the Unexpected

The more persons are leaving on a holiday trip, the higher the chances to have an unexpected reason interfering with your plans. The most common issues that might come up are allergies. Australia, for example, issues annual warnings and estimates regarding pollen allergy seasons.


You can also research for local epidemics, insect invasions or other unexpected factors that might appear. However, you can easily find them on local news websites or press agencies.

#Find the Spot

By this time, you should have a shortlist of the main touristic attractions you plan to visit this July. It’s time to gather your family and/or partner and decide on a destination. This should be a spontaneous decision, based on enthusiasm.

Forget about calculations – see what place attracts you the most! Then, you can begin organizing shopping and luggage making.

#BONUS: Expert Suggestions

The Business Insider has gathered 8 of the most interesting destinations one should visit in 2018. Here are some of them. See whether you’d like to include them in your holiday plans:

  • Laya, Bhutan.
  • Alentejo Coast, Portugal.
  • Viñales, Cuba.
  • Valletta, Malta.
  • Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.

Packing Up

The above guide includes all the steps you should take to enjoy a well-spent and memorable holiday away from home. You can consider the destination suggestions or find your own. Maybe you don’t want to leave the USA, or you plan to go to an even more hidden destination.

Remember to research every step of the way and plan. Any question you might have finds its answer on the internet or local websites.


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