To Sua Ocean Trench (literally translated as “large swimming hole”) is a swimming spot located in Lotofaga village, on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. Most likely, its origins date from a time when volcanoes erupted and covered the nearby shores with lava. The ground collapsed, leaving behind a 30 meters deep hole which connects with the ocean through underground canals.

Photo by Mick Byrne

The potential of Samoa Trench as one of the planet’s most captivating swimming sites was slightly given a helping hand by installing a wooden ladder to ensure access to and from the water. This ladder fits right in the scenery, but most visitors here say it is pretty slippery and “heart-stopping” at a first glance. They also recommend wearing flip-flops while descending and going down (and up) at a slow pace.

Many are too scared to go down, but those who do, describe swimming here a “fantastic” experience. Crystal clear waters, tropical fish, a smooth white sandy bottom  and water droplets falling from the overhanging arches- all create living magic. To Sua Ocean Trench is perfect for a day trip and family visits are encouraged, as long as everybody knows how to swim.

nature_swimming pool_Samoa
Photo by Steven and Darusha

A well preserved garden with several fales (typical Samoan houses with open sides and thatched roofs) scattered for use of the visitors make for friendly surroundings. Going on the incoming tide so that you can enjoy your swim without tidal currents is highly recommended. Entrance fees are as follows: Adults: $15 | Children(7-15): $6.00 | Under 7: free. Enjoy the photos!

Samoa trench
Photo by Tim Jordan

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