Whether you are a backpacker, a marine biologist, a writer or a sportsman, the sunny waters and the sandy shores in India will compel you to kick off your shoes and lie back careless.

With an impressive 7,500 km long coastline, India has an enormous palette of beautiful beaches which can be very hard to choose from! To help you make the best of your next oceanic venture, we bring you the top-of-the-top seashores this peninsular nation rightfully takes pride in! Bounded by the ocean on the western, eastern and southern sides, along with two major island groups, you will find yourself in the makings of an extraordinary escape.

1. Agonda Beach, Goa (Western coast)

A pretty little cove of pristine white sands, Agonda beach in Goa is the perfect spot for the traveler who really wants to disconnect from the world. Hardly crowded, quiet, with just a smattering of eateries and plentiful accommodations nearby, Agonda beach is the ideal go-to if you want to take a few days of recuperative isolation.

agonda beach, goa, india

Idyllic and serene, this beach is rightly fitting for meditation, relaxation and some serious detachment from all your work links as even cellular reception is close to non-existent here- only one or two mobile services are available. Hiking, dolphin rides, trying out the neighborhood cuisines and, if you get in the mood for partying, Agonda’s more popular cousin, the Palolem beach just 15 minutes away are just a few of the highlights.

2. Havelock Island, Andaman Islands (Off the Eastern coast)

Nestled towards eastern side of the Great Andaman, the Havelock Island is an invigorating surprise of breathtaking sights of the cerulean Indian Ocean with such a magnificent backdrop if the coastal woods that time seems to have stilled. Equally promising to the energetic traveler as well as reclusive minds, there is no dearth of things to do here.

Photo by Ankur P

Scuba diving, snorkeling, watching delightful sun rises and relaxing sun sets, exploring the horticultural treasures, kayaking and elephant rides are just a handful of the activities to indulge in. The Radhanagar, Elephanta and Kalapather beaches assure you of a good time.

3. Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Eastern coast)

Photo by Harold Litwiler

This large, natural urban beach is an interesting assortment of several historical tributes and memorials. Make the history buff in you got crazy by exploring one monument after another. Besides bearing historical significance, the beach itself offers quality time whether you spend it alone or with friends. It is the largest urban beach in India, and the second largest in the world. The Marina beach can have up to 50,000 visitors during peak tourist season, watch out for that.

4. Marari Beach, Kerala (Western coast)

Marari Beach, kerala, india

Kerala’s immense natural beauty is no secret to most global trekkers. Out the many reputed beaches in Kerala, the Marari Beach is worth a special mention. It is named as one of the top five hammock beaches by the very alleged National Geographic survey. The Marari beach provides rewarding seclusion from the world with its pristine beauty and cozy sands. Located in a quiet town, you’ll allow yourself to completely let loose in this tucked away haven of natural exquisiteness.

5. Agatti Island, Lakshadweep Islands (Off the western coast)

Photo by Binu K S

This destination has its own unique take on liberating isolation. With its quaint allure and near isolation, being considerably far from the Indian mainland, the Agatti Island has all basic facilities available. While there are certain restrictions in this island, the mesmerizing look and feel of being on a small island, cut away from the mainland offers a joyful soul-searching experience. Biking through the main road across the island is a beloved activity.

6. Palolem Beach, Goa (Western coast)

Photo credit: Anthony Knuppel
Photo credit: Anthony Knuppel

The ultimate destination for party-goers who love living life to the maximum potential, Palolem Beach is brimming with people and there’s no shortage of activities to choose from. Much loved by the visitors and tourists, Palolem Beach is the go-to for unwinding and revitalizing your senses and perspective.

Photo by Klaus Nahr

7. Baga Beach, Goa

You will recognize Baga Beach after the bohemian stacks of fishing boats and street food vendors. This former hippie refuge still has a lot to offer today, from jet-skiing and windsurfing to beach chill-out bars. There is an array of accommodation options to choose from in Baga Beach, either you opt for a hostel or a more exclusive hotel or villa.

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