These ice sculpted instruments by musical group Ice Music take the idea of unconventional concerts to a whole new level. According to Bored Panda, the band’s songs are unconventionally played on guitars, violins, xylophones and cellos, all hand-carved in ice by Ice Music’s founder Tim Linhart.
ice instrumentAfter being carefully designed and sculpted, the “ICEstruments” are added strings, fret boards and other parts to the sheets of ice that are lit from within. Performances are held in a giant igloo, with light playing a major role in the music spectacles. From Django Reinhardt to Giovanni Solima , the band’s icy instruments give birth to the warmest songs. Check out the video at the end of the post to hear the sounds released by the unconventional ice orchestra! [Photography by Ice Music]
ice violinice xilophne orchestra-played-their-enchanting-music-with-instruments-made-of-iceice-music-photo-graeme-rich


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