Traveling to Austria is a special sort of aesthetic trip. We are dealing with one of the stunningly beautiful countries in Western Europe. Beautiful architecture, a large number of sights and parks, delicious food and comfortable climate – everything that travel lovers need! If you have never traveled to Austria, our article will be extremely useful for you. If you have already been there, we hope you will discover something new for yourself. Let’s start exploring Austria through the eyes of tourists and travelers alike.

How to get there?

There are several airports in Austria, they are located in different cities. It is important to note that the cost of tickets depends on the chosen place of arrival. Also, the price largely depends on the season and the time of purchase of the ticket. The earlier you plan your trip, the cheaper it will be to buy.

Airports are located in cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Klagenfurt. If you want to fly directly to the capital, be prepared for the fact that tickets will be more expensive. By the way, if you like to travel by train, you can easily get to Austria by rail.

We’ve arrived. How to move within the country?

If you want to use public transport to get around, then you need to go to the tourist information window at the airport. All information and prices are here. An interesting fact is that there are no turnstiles in the Austrian metro, but the fine for ticketless travel is 100€. By the way, speaking about prices. The bus to the Vienna railway station will cost you 6€ for an adult and 3€ for a child. Train to the city center costs 25€ per family. A taxi to the city center costs approximately 30€.

Bus rent Vienna

For those who travel with a large group or just love a lot of space, we have great news – bus rental in Vienna! Instead of using public transport you can try the services of coach companies in Vienna. BCS is an excellent bus rental service in Vienna. Here you will find bus hire and coach hire charter for very low prices. There are too many advantages. First of all, you can create your own tour and be independent in traveling! We are really sure that coach hire in Vienna is the best idea to make your trip much more safe, comfortable and cheap. Check it out!


When it comes to housing, there is a wide variety of choices waiting for you! Here, as almost everywhere in Europe, you will find an option for every budget and taste. It can be just a bed in a hostel, or it can be a standard hotel room. You will also easily find flats and suites, both simple and luxurious. Booking is easily done online. It is important to note that the summer season is especially popular among tourists, and from September athletes begin to book places.

Austrian  cuisine

The national cuisine of Austria is not very original. Basically, it is very similar to the cuisines of neighboring countries. The base is made up of products such as meat, pastries, potatoes. But, despite the similarities, the Austrian smithy has some original dishes. For example, apple strudel, Wiener schnitzel, as well as a huge number of different types of stews, sausages and cheeses. Of the drinks, coffee and wine, which is produced in Austria, are the most popular here. What you definitely need to try in Austria is Sacher chocolate cake, as well as goulash, roasted chestnuts, doughnuts and carpaccio.

Food prices here are the same as everywhere else in Europe. Keep in mind the portions are large. Feel free to take one for two and combine! A few notes on food prices. On average, a meal for one costs about 14€. Dinner for two including wine – 50 €. Local beer costs 3€ for half a liter. Well, the average price for coffee is 2.5 €.

Beautiful Mountain Villages

Austrian village

Driving through Austria’s countryside is like jumping from one fairy-tale to another. The mountain villages in Austria are mostly tiny and walkable, extremely picturesque. Some face steep mountain ridges while others are mirrored by crystal clear blue or green lakes. So be sure not to stop in Vienna or Salzburg, but also visit Hallstatt or Zell am See.

This is the base of what you need to know in order to go to Austria! Now you know about food, transport, and housing! Successful travels and cool impressions!


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