The idea of a prison-themed hotel is not new, but the Alcatraz Hotel has a name that stands out. Located in the heart of Kaiserslautern, Germany, this 56 room hotel features 100 year old sandstone walls and an overall interesting architecture. And to intuitively answer your question, yes, this place used to be a real prison.  According to the official site, all the comfort rooms and suites have fully equipped bathrooms. The cell rooms all have a toilet and a sink just like a jail, and for these rooms there are separated men and women community showers located at the end of each floor. The prices for this type of uncommon accommodation unit range from 49 Euros per night for a cell room to 159 Euros for a double room. We find this concept interesting and we are certain the theme is a successful ones. Ex-villains or cons will probably NOT be amongst the constant visitors, though.






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