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Traveling Through the “Lungs” of Hong Kong: Lantau Island

14 Jul , 2013  

The opportunity of traveling to Hong Kong should be animated with a visit to Lantau Island, the largest island in the Chinese region. Because of its indigenous forests, Lantau is often referred to as “the lungs of Hong Kong”. So if you are a nature lover, this could be the perfect getaway to relax, contemplate […]

Asia, Hidden Places

Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan, A Witness of Early Buddhism

25 May , 2012  

Bamiyan Valley is situated in the region of Hazarajat, central Afghanistan, at an altitude of about 2500 m. With an outstanding history and a strategic placement in the Middle East, the Bamiyan Valley is considered as one of the most visited places in Afghanistan. The main reason that most people visit this valley are the […]

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Europe, Hidden Places

Hidden Tunels and Sacred Wall Paintings: Cave City of Vardzia, Georgia

13 May , 2012  

The Cave City of Vardzia is a house of religious retirement, also referred to as a cave monastery, located near Aspindza, towards the southern end of Georgia. Queen Tamar founded the cave monastery in the year of 1185, back when the building was used as a protection shelter against the Mongols. This thirteen-story complex consisted […]


Europe, Hidden Places

Meteora, Greece, a Suspended Haven of Meditation

10 Mar , 2011  

In the 9th century, an ascetic group of hermit monks moved to ancient stones and lived in hollows and fissures, believing in a salvation from the invaders and a much “closer” connection with God. They named these rock towers “Meteora” which in Greek language means “suspended in the air” or “in the heavens above”. At […]

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Asia, Hidden Places

Angkor Wat, Where Traveling Meets Spirituality

23 Sep , 2010  

Angkor Wat is a fascinating complex of Hindu temples located in Cambodia and represents an important national symbol. Built in the early 12th century in honor of the king Suryavarman II, it is world renowned for its architecture and impressive size. To be able to appreciate what this incredible building means to the inhabitants of Cambodia, you should have […]

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