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How to Pack Smart For a Backpacking Adventure Through Asia

27 Feb , 2017  

Backpacking through Asia should be a life changing experience, but if you don’t pack accordingly it might change your mood and physical well-being and simply make you switch your holiday plans. Travelers all around the world have their own idea of what the essentials are, and it’s usually a bit different from person to person. […]


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50 Essential Backpacking Tips [Infographic]

14 Sep , 2016  

Hitting the wilderness for some serious walking is a great way to tone the body and sooth the soul. Yes, life can be simpler out in the wild, but with simple pleasures come simple dangers – and, to be less dramatic for a moment, simple discomforts. For example, there’s a right and a wrong way […]

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A Photographers’ Haven: Golden Sea of Canola Flowers in Luoping, China

1 Jul , 2013  

If by any chance, the complicated twists of traveling will take you to the county of Luoping in eastern Yunnan, China in Spring, prepare for quite a visual spectacle: the golden sea. It is here that you will encounter fields of the yellow rapeseed flowers (also known as canola) in full bloom, perfectly blending in […]

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The 58 National Parks in the United States (2): Arches and Badlands

23 May , 2012  

Arches National Park is located outside of Moab, in eastern Utah, and it is well known for preserving over 2000 natural sandstone arches. The most representative landmark of the park is Delicate Arch, a 16 m freestanding natural arch which became a symbol for the state of Utah. Its highest elevation measures 1,723 m and the surface […]


Hidden Places, North & Central America

The 58 National Parks in the USA: Big Bend and Biscayne

9 Jul , 2010  

#Big Bend National Park is located in the U.S. state of Texas and it has a national significance as the largest protected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecoology in the United States. Big Bend National Park, with its 393 km length, forms a natural boundary between United States and Mexico. Despite Big Bend’s hursh […]


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