These lovely hammocks are dedicated to the best memories of this summer. To long walks on the beach, spectacular mountain lakes and unforgettable romantic moments. Reminiscing about all these calls for a special atmosphere. Well we believe the delightful hammocks in the gallery below will create the proper mood for this summer’s good memories, as well as for creating new ones.

The hammocks we chose are placed in diverse locations, from lush gardens to stunning beaches. But we believe the tranquility that comes from letting yourself go in the swing of a hammock can be reached almost anywhere. There are various models to choose from, it is all up to your tastes and sometimes (for the DIY projects) to your imagination.

In a home with children, you may consider hanging two or three hammocks in the garden, next to the tree house, for a peaceful atmosphere. We certainly wish we’ve convinced you of the “advantages” of having a hammock around this autumn and are looking forward to your reactions to the photos below.

Bonus: the scuba dive hammock, guaranteed for a smooth swing.



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