exotic beach escapeWe all wish to have a holiday to remember, on an exotic beach, with white and smooth sand, turquoise waters, illuminated terraces, fancy hotels and excellent services, in the most remote corners of the world! We offer our idea of the most exotic beaches in the world and all you have to do is choose the one that inspires you the most.

#1. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Photo credit: Cristina David

If you are looking for a hot atmosphere, with Latino music and a real exotic landscape, Ipanema Beach is the perfect place for you. It is recently renovated, with a modern aspect, but yet, unusually wild. The weather is perfect for taking a swim and relaxing at the sun, between September and March, but in March usually rains a lot, so it is best to avoid this month. The restaurants are really special and each waiter gives his best to please you and serve you in a matter that you will, surely come back. Ipanema is one of the most exotic places in the world, due to its various landforms. During the day you can stay on the beach, enjoying the silence, the sun and water and at night you will find all sorts of opened pubs, where the fun goes on until the sunrise. To check into a 5 stars hotel, will cost you about 300 Euros per night, a double room.

#2. Bowling Balls Beach, Mendocino, California

Photo credit: Surfma
Photo credit: Surfma

Bowling Ball is a part of Schooner Gulch, located in the Northern California. It looks like the masterpiece of a sculptor, but the artist is Nature, itself! The huge rocks, perfectly round, just come out of the water, forming an exotic landscape, unique in the world. There is no direct road that will take you there, the only way for someone to arrive there, is to climb the hills that surround this place. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, other the fact that the water has eroded the rock, until they have arrived to perfectly round boulders. If you are interested in discovering genuine corners of the world, Bowling Balls Beach is one of those places. You can stay at a 2 stars hotel, near the beach, with only 90 Euros per night, a double room.

#3. Angra Dos Reis, Costa Verde, Brasil

angra dos reisAngra Dos Reis is one of the most virgin beaches in the world, untouched by the technology and civilization, extremely intimate, surrounded by a spectacular landscape. In this area, the tropical forest touches the waves of the Atlantic. The huge palm trees hide lots of hidden portions of the beach, along 280 kilometers of the coast. This is the place where everyone can find their little paradise corner. If you choose this to be the destination of your holiday, you should definitely visit the Leaf House. Its roof is build to look like a giant flower, with 6 petals, each one covering a part of the house. At the entrance, you will see a round pool and in the courtyard there is a small lake, with fish and vegetation. For a 6 days stay at a 5 stars hotel, you will have to pay about 2000 Euros, so if money is an issue, you can look for pensions or apartments, where you will pay less.


#4. Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic

Photo credit: Héctor Mota
Photo credit: Héctor Mota

Also called the Saint Tropez of the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas is the only beach from the republic, which is far away from the civilization, being accessed only through two mountain roads and which is also protected by an enormous coral reef. The landscape is impressive and the atmosphere is animated by salsa and merengue rhythms. This is the ideal location for a couple’s romantic vacation. Las Terrenas means many kilometers of beach, with crystal calm waters (Portillo) with blue and turquoise shades, or beaches that seem proper for windsurf (Playa Bonita). Las Terrenas is guarded palm trees and coconut trees, which fulfill a landscape that seem to emerge from a postcard. For a 5 stars hotel, you will pay only 540 Euros, if you are staying 6 nights. There are also 2 stars hotels, where you will pay 20 Euros per night.

#5. Oahu Beach, Hawaii

Oahu, HawaiiThe Hawaiian beaches, with palm trees and coconut trees, really deserve the state of the most romantic corners of the world. However, there are also offers for those who are more athletes. One of those options is Oahu Beach, where there are important surfing competitions. The waves arrive up to 13 meters, which is perfect for surfing. When you arrive there, you shouldn’t miss the Hula performances (traditional dances) and some trips to the jungle. The accommodation offers vary according with the number of stars. For 3 stars, for example, 7 nights will be approximately 800 Euros, while a check into a 5 stars hotel cost about 3000 Euros.

#6. Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island, Seychelles

seychelles beach

The 158 islands that form the Seychelles Republic are considered the most beautiful islands from the Indian Ocean. The archipelago has a tropical climate and it offers some beautiful landscapes. You can spend your vacation here, swimming in the crystal waters or just lazing on the almost deserted beaches. You should definitely try the local dishes, the African specialties, cooked right in front of you. Seychelles is a real museum of natural history and a sanctuary for the rarest plants and animal species. Here is the only place in the world where you will find the fruit Coco-de-mer, which is the symbol of this country. It is the fruit with the biggest sees in the whole world and it is also called “love nut”, because of its heart shaped form. If you choose to spend your honey moon there, you can be sure that you will never forget it. You may check into a 5 stars hotel, with an ocean view, for 300 Euros per night, for a double room.

#7. Khao Lak, Thailand

Photo credit:  Filip Fuxa
Photo credit: Filip Fuxa

If you love nature and you like to have your holidays in peaceful places, where it is all about relaxing, you should choose Khao Lak Beach, from Phuket, Thailand. There are dozens kilometers of sand beaches, almost deserted. The view is beautiful: a sand strand separates the blue waters of the Andaman Sea from palm forest. All along the strand, on a 12 kilometers distance, there are the Casuarina pines. In this area you can also sea the rubber trees or the coconut trees. The national parks Lam Ru and Khao Sok are big tourist attraction. The lands are covered in monsoon forests and steep rocks, with 1000 meters mountainsides. You can admire the biggest flower in the world and have unplanned encounters with rhinos, elephants, bears or tigers. For those of you who cannot afford a luxury vacation, there are accommodation offers between 800 and 1500 Euros, for a 7 nights stay, for two persons. If finances are not an issue and you want the best resort, the costs can go up to 5000 Euros per week.

#8. Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Poipu Beach, Hawaii
Photo credit: John Kalla

The Hawaiian Archipelag represents the vacation dream of most of the people who love relaxing on the beach. Poipu Beach is the ideal place for them. This does not mean that the resort is for lazy people. If you are an active person, you are a long list of daily activities, like: kayak, diving, snorkeling, hitch-hiking, mountain biking, surfing or deep sea fishing. There are also hidden beaches, the best for romantic walks, parks, or riding clubs. If you like to take a souvenir from the places you visit, you can go home with hand-made jewels or paintings with exotic landscapes. For 3 stars, you will pay 800 to 1300 Euros, for 7 nights. The prices rise, in conformity with the stars. Therefore, you can pay two times the price, for a 5 star hotel.

#9. Anguilla,Caribbean Islands


For the vacation of your dream you should not worry about the finances. We recommend Anguilla Island, from the Caribbean. There are 33 beaches, all opened to public, on a distance of 20 kilometers. There are surrounded by coral reefs and clear waters. The beaches are often visited by Hollywood stars and business people. The best period for a vacation is from the middle of December until April. Another reason to choose Anguilla is the food. The chefs are known to be the most meticulous and talented culinary artists from those parts of the world. For a 7 nights stay, at a 4 stars hotel, you can pay up to 3000 Euros a person. But if you wish to be treated like the celebrities that come here, it will cost you about 25.000 Euros.

#10. Palm Beach, Aruba

Photo credit: Robert R Gigliotti
Photo credit: Robert R Gigliotti

This resort is the ideal place for the families with children. The restaurants have special offers for the kinds, family discounts and gifts. Almost every hotel has babysitting service. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beach, explore the coral reefs, snorkeling or diving, rent a car to visit the natural attractions, or you can cruise on the Caribbean waters. The price for 7 a nights stay, with breakfast included, with transportation, is 2500 Euros, at a 4 star hotel. However, there is a big advantage for the families: the children pay only half price.

#11. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora_Bora_MotuAre you a couple in love or in your honey moon? Here is the best destination for you: Bora Bora Island, in the South Pacific. Some even go as far as to call it the most beautiful place in the world. Bora Bora bathes in a calm water lagoon and it is bounded by smooth sand. Pearls are the symbol of this island and you should not miss a visit to a pearl farm. In the center of the island, you can admire some unique landscape, due to the volcanic origin of the ground. For those of you who want to have privacy, there are little houses built on pontoons, in the ocean. You can also hire people to bring you the food, if you do not want to get out of your paradise corner. One week at a 3 stars hotel costs about 1000 Euros a person.

#12. Tulum, Mexic

Tulum_Riviera_Maya_5Tulum is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This area is well known for the Mayan ruins. For those who really want to experience something genuine, you should rent a house made entirely by tree strains. These cottages are places where the hippy communities or the Sun’s cult practitioners meet. Those who like to dive can find sunken caves near the city. The atmosphere is Tulum is very peaceful, relaxing and the terraces do not disturb the tourist with loud music. The lounge chairs are not very popular, so the beach presearves its natural aspect. If you want you can linger in a hammock, enjoying a cold mojito. In the Retro Maya area, you can get a massage, right on the beach, or you can take yoga lessons. If you want to have time to visit all the tourist’s attractions and also have the time to relax and enjoy the sun, you could have an extended vacation, of 21 days. The price for it, at a 4 stars hotel, will arrive up to 3000 Euros. The price does not include the airport taxes, meals and potential trips.



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