Travel and tourism usually get mixed up in conversations, but in fact they are two completely different things. In this post we will try to convince you that basically the first rules in comparison to the latter, as we will present 10 reasons why one should chose traveling over tourism. Sure, there are a lot more, but the list stays open and anyone is welcome to complete it.

But first, here is a subjective definition of the two terms in order to get a general idea. First off, when we talk about tourism we think of it as a term with economical implications, rather than recreational ones. This field usually involves visiting a location other than yours, more likely a populated and famous one, staying in a fancy and possibly a luxurious hotel, taking lots of photos, spending lots of money and then coming back home and braging about where you’ve been to everyone you know. This may seem a little exaggerated, but it comes from a deep observation of the people around us. Opposite to this „industry”, we have traveling, which we consider to be the art of observing beautiful people with all their habits and ideas and naturally, beautiful landscapes.

Of course, the two „domains” can often go hand in hand, as tourism can be mixed up with traveling and vice-versa. Without any further ado, here is a list of why we think traveling is better than tourism.

1. Traveling is a lot less expensive as it involves cheep rides (sometimes free rides) and cheap accommodation (hostels, camping). In fact, the only thing that you pay for are the entry fees to events and food. Now take a moment and think about how much dough a tourist needs for transportation and a fancy place to sleep. Besides, aren’t dreams the same in tents and 5 star hotels? What’s the use? : )

2. Traveling can lead to amazing, unpopulated places, while tourism bumps into the weirdest crowds. It is a known fact that a traveler usually takes the less populated path between the two and seeks solitude and spectacular landscapes. Have you seen those people that have a picnic at the bottom of a mountain while if they were to simply walk 200 meters upwards, the views would be fantastic? Unfortunately routine and sometimes laziness stop us from finding incredible places.

3. A traveler is unique. As a tourist, you are likely to see the Eiffel tower and take a ride in a Venice gondola, but this is something that everybody does. Don’t you want to be original?

3. Photos are way better and far more interesting when taken in a secluded and unknown place. This way you will really have something to show your friends, rather than bore them with thing they have already seen. As a hiker, you can surprise amazing phenomena and not to mention incredible glimpse of wild life.

4. Traveling is adventurous, every step can lead to discoveries, while a tourist just waits for the predictable. When in a new place, every step of the way is exciting as opposed to a famous European capital for example when you know beforehand what you are about to see.

5.Traveling is about observing for yourself what no guide could ever tell you. Sometimes encountering someone on your trip could give you a bigger, a more interesting and genuine  picture of that place than the stories guides catch up along the way. Moslih Eddin Saadi  said that „a traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

6. Traveling is usually about respecting nature and being able to enjoy it, while mad tourist packs usually leave enormous amounts of dirt piles behind. Too harsh? : ) Nobody -not even messy people like to see garbage thrown randomly on the streets and especially in nature. So why people keep doing it remains a mystery.

7. A traveling experience is one that you will not forget any time soon, as every moment is filled up with emotion while tourist experiences will repeat in time, no matter what new location is being visited.

9. Traveling can create strong people bonds. A Moorish proverb states that “He who does not travel does not know the value of men.” We think it’s very hard to really get to know someone in the tough and populated urban environment so escaping with a person in an unusual location may be a remedy and a way to get to know what lies beneath. Tourism may contribute to this as well, but in a lower degree.

10. Traveling is not superficial. Tourism on the other hand is usually about spending a lot of money, buying a lot of clothes, partying hard, all for the sake of bragging with this experience to others. There are few cases when people do tourism in other purposes, such as learning for example.

This is a very subjective list and some of the things here may not apply to all tourists. However, these are all negative things that should be taken into consideration and overcome. Feel free to dispute us, agree with us or complete this post. Cheers!


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