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Fantastic Hobbit Accommodation in Chile: Magic Mountain Hotel

15 Oct , 2015  


Magic Mountain Hotel or Montaña Mágica Lodge in an extremely creative accommodation unit located deep in southern Chile and accessible by rope bridge.

Getting to the depths of the private Huilo Huilo biological reserve is an adventure in itself, as every step brings in sight incredible scenes, some that resemble fairytale tracks or fantastic hobbit paths.

Exuding a lovely design and making use of a high level of creativity, the hotel itself is built in the shape of a volcano, with windows surrounded by moss and vines, which make the unusual building perfectly blend in its green surroundings.

Montaña Mágica Hotel does not take its volcano resemblance for granted: the construction bursts with energy and “erupts” everyday, as water is sent down the surface of the guest house, in ripples of delight.

As one can expect from the shape and overall design of this hotel, the rooms are not too big, yet the beds are said to be particularly cozy and comfortable, and the furniture-very fun and playful looking.

Some of the features and amenities of the accommodation unit include a playroom for children, a restaurant, a bar, a sauna and tubs in ancient trunks with naturally heated water.

Due to its privileged location in an exquisite nature reserve, the Magic Mountain Hotel offers guests a variety of leisure opportunities, such as the chance to go hiking or access and enjoy the longest zip wire in South America.

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  1. Awesome concept and right on time since “The Hobbit” is hitting the theaters right now. Love the interior, so imaginatively done. I just hope sound insulation has been done properly in the rooms 🙂

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