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Giant Floating Iceberg Greets Fishing Village in Canada

22 Apr , 2017  

This small fishing village in Ferryland, on Canada’s East Coast recently became dwarfed by a giant blue iceberg floating off-shore. The iceberg is 150 feet tall (about 45 meters), counting of course only the part that you can see. It is now in shallow water and stagnant, so it might remain here for a while. Its […]


Antarctica, Hidden Places

Visually Intriguing Nature: Striped Antarctic Icebergs

18 Aug , 2012  

Contrary to all skeptics’ beliefs reading this, the photos below are real. These incredible striped icebergs were caught on camera floating carelessly in the Antarctic. Each of the formations is unique. The unusual iceberg stripes are said to be formed by snow melting in its reaction to various weather conditions. Here is more information from […]

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10 Things You Should Know Before “Meeting” an Adélie Penguin

19 Sep , 2010  

  Adélie Penguins are a species of penguins living along the Antartic coast and also populating the nearby islands. If you will ever be lucky enough to go towards the extreme South and encounter a cute genuine Adélie Penguin, here are 10 interesting things you should know about its “race’: The Adélie Penguin is the […]

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