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3 Most Romantic Destinations in the United States for Couples

28 Jan , 2013  

Curious about the most sought after romantic escapes in the US? Today’s guest posts comes with a few suggestions. Get immersed in the perfect climate of sun, surf, sand and fine-dining at Santa Barbara or take a heavenly stroll down the Charleston historic district of South Carolina, United States offers a plethora of romantic destinations […]


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Largest Crystals in the World: Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico

4 Jan , 2013  

The spectacular Giant Crystal Cave is connected to the Naica Mine, located in Chihuahua, Mexico. It goes around 300 meters bellow the surface. The main chamber contains the largest selenite crystals ever found, some of them reaching 11 meters in length, 4 meters in diameter and about 55 tons in weight. The conditions here are […]


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10 Step Survival Guide For Getting Lost in the Forest

3 Jan , 2013  

How is it that we’ve become to know our way around the absurd, hectic and outrageously diverse urban jungle, yet when it comes to living in the woods for a day, we get a panic attack at the mere thought? If you think about it, we are all masters of surviving- every moment we do […]

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Christmas Traveling: 15 Of the Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

7 Dec , 2012  

Did you know that Christmas markets originated in Germany and Austria? The first Christmas markets ever were held in Vienna (1294), Bautzen (year 1384 ) and Dresden (1434). In time, the festive spirit took over the entire world, with numerous city squares being converted in the month of December. Ginger bread, wine, cinnamon and oranges, […]

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Skiing in the French Alps? How About a Perfect Retreat in a Bohemian Chalet?

7 Dec , 2012  

We are not fans of exuberance and luxury, but this particular traditional-vintage chalet in the French Alps caught our… undivided attention. The lovely bohemian style villa was designed by Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot (who converted it from a farmhouse) and is located near Megève, France. The chalet is structured on two levels: below are the bedrooms, and […]

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Frozen Waves, a Unique Nature Display in Antarctica

23 Nov , 2012  

We had a few posts here on ice caves and ice hotels and we figured since we started a trend anyway, we should continue with something no less spectacular: ice waves. This unique phenomenon occurs in Antarctica, so if you’re ever in a wild expedition near Earth’s southernmost continent, you may come across it. According […]

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Soothing Baths in Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

22 Nov , 2012  

Pamukkale is an amazing display of natural hot water pools  in Denizli Province, south-western Turkey. What you see in the photos below are known as travertines or the terraces that form due to the carbonate minerals that gather up as the flowing water circles. Pamukkale is actually Turkish for “cotton castle”, a name that we […]

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Igloo Village at Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland: Cozy Northern Lights Spotting

20 Nov , 2012  

Hotel Kakslauttanen is the home of the famous Igloo Village in Finland, an unusual place to travel to, where one can see the Northern Lights in “comfort”. And we are talking about physical comfort at its best, as some of the igloos in the village (the glass ones) provide heat and an overall comfy stay. […]

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Where Winter Holidays Become Fairy Tales: Colmar, France

16 Nov , 2012  

With a charming country-town atmosphere and a strong historical heritage, Colmar is not only “the most Alsatian town in Alsace”, and the wine capital of the region, but also a place for the fairytale believers. This dreamy place has a very privileged location near Germany and Switzerland, between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine, between […]

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Filzmoos, Austria: Skiing, Snowboarding and Sweet Balloon Rides

15 Nov , 2012  

Filzmoos is an alpine village located within the district of St. Johann im Pongau in the state of Salzburg, Austria (relatively close to Hallstatt), perfect for a mountain getaway. The views it offers seem taken from childhood postcards and brought to life with the help of the fascinated groups visiting this place all year round. […]

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Travel Journal: Following Don Quixote’s Windmills in Consuegra, Spain

31 Oct , 2012  

Having resided in Spain for ten months now, I feel I know fairly well what I can expect from the country’s cities and villages. You have the plaza mayor, the wide open square enclosed on all four sides by century’s old buildings, and which typically houses both the ayuntamiento (town hall) and a line of […]


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Windsurfing, Flying Above Waves

24 Oct , 2012  

Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of a windsurf board usually two to four meters long, powered by the effect of the wind on a sail. The rig is connected to the board by a free-rotating universal joint and comprises a mast, wishbone boom and sail. […]


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24 Cosy Hammocks That Will Make You Reminisce About Summer Days

22 Oct , 2012  

These lovely hammocks are dedicated to the best memories of this summer. To long walks on the beach, spectacular mountain lakes and unforgettable romantic moments. Reminiscing about all these calls for a special atmosphere. Well we believe the delightful hammocks in the gallery below will create the proper mood for this summer’s good memories, as […]

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Kandovan Village, a Rocky Architectural Oddity in Iran

3 Oct , 2012  

Kandovan is an extraordinary ancient village in the province of East Azarbaijan, near the city of  Tabriz, Iran. With its at least 800 years existence, this remarkable place is inhabited by 670 people and offers scenic beauty for its travelers. With homes carved inside rocks, some of them 700 years old, the Kandovan village is […]

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Hallstatt, Austria’s Most Beautiful Lake Town

29 Sep , 2012  

Hallstatt is a little town of breathtaking views located between Salzburg and Graz, in the Salzkammergut Lake District of Austria. Considered to be one of the oldest still inhabited settlement in Europe, Hallstatt is a UNESCO heritage site and an important Austrian tourist attraction. The settlement gave the name to Hallstatt culture, a predominant Central European culture during […]

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