Storm, waves. Photo by Mila Zinkova

Even though they are rare, they are not a myth. All it takes for a rainbow in the dark to be seen is a full moon, rain/water and being in the right place at the right time. For this post, we gathered 10 lovely photos taken during such happy circumstances. Most of them are taken in the US, as you will see in the comments below, after every photo. Have you seen such a phenomena? And if so, how did it feel?


Upper Yosemite Falls Moonbow. Photo by Teddy Llovet


Lunar rainbow over Victoria Falls. Photo  by gman1981


Moonbow – Cumberland Falls, Kentucky. Photo by Daveblog


Just after 1am, this moonbow formed over Fraser Island. Photo by Garry –


Easter Island, the Milky Way, the Magellanic clouds, and a Moonbow. Photo by Phil Plait


Rainbow made exclusively with the light of the full moon. Cumberland Falls in southern Kentucky. Photo by Jim code poet


Photo #4 by Thoth, God of Knowledge


Lunar corona. Photo #23 by normalityrelief