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Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka’s Holy Mountain

8 Aug , 2010  



Adam’s Peak is a unique shaped  mountain located in the center of Sri Lanka. Its total hight is 2,243 metres (7,359 ft). Throughout the ages, it has been a continuous source of inspiration for myths and legends and today it is regarded as a mystical place as well.From December to April, hundreds of pilgrims get to the top of Adam’s peak in order to see the ‘sacred footprint’, claimed by Muslims to belong to Adam.  Also known as “the Buterfly Mountain” or “Sri Pada”, this place is not only sacred for Muslims, but for Buddhists, Hindus and Christians as well. The climb to the top is relatively easy and the mountain looks truly divine, so in case you are ever in Sri Lanka, it is worth to plan a hiking trip here. There are 6 available trails ( the Nallathanni & Palabaddala are the most popular) that can get you to the sacred footprint.

You have a complete guide of Adam’s Peak, with legends and traveling stories included here. As you can see, the pictures are scarce- if you happened to go there and would like to submit a photo, we will gladly publish it in order to “finish” this post along with your signature.



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4 Responses

  1. ioan says:

    Now thats a mountain i did not know about! And i love the fact that it is reachable by foot (without the need of special climbing gear or something). Just like the Olimp mountain (which, should you decide to write about, i have picture you can use!) – a fantastic place that will surely leave you with unforgetable memories and feelings.

    Its really something that Sri Lanka has so many natural beautys, i would definetly go there if i had the money for the plane. Well, maybe one day i will… i’ll keep this site close for when that day will come!

  2. Lavinia says:

    Looking forward to the Olimp mountain info 😀

  3. Kirsten says:

    Just moved here from Japan where I hiked Mt Fuji. Excited to hike this mountain in the next few months!

  4. Noufal.V says:

    It’s footprint of Adam(as).St.Thomas was not so big.He was in a figure of a normal man.Then how that huge foot print belongs to him??.It’s a portuguese lie.Our greatest grandpa Adam was too big.So this foot print belongs to him.

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