Tourism on the Edge is a passion-driven blog promoting unusual traveling & unusual locations. It consists of inspiring holiday suggestions (places of striking beauty or strange magnetism), awesome cultural finds (artistic installations, festivals, photography tips) and travel experiences.

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  • Tourism On The Edge is a well established travel blog with 6 years of publishing travel related posts.
  • Our site offers a new perspective on how to travel independently.
  • Tourism On The Edge is not about conventional tourism, it is about traveling. We are living in a changing world, more friendly and more welcoming with foreigners. And people are starting to regain their sense for adventure, discovery and independent traveling. We are here to help them do so.
  • Tourism On The Edge supports and promotes eco projects, community social initiatives, responsable tourism and businesses that contribute to a higher quality of life.

If your company believes that Tourism On The Edge suits its vision, then please contact us to start a friendly collaboration with mutual benefits.

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 Tourism On The Edge currently runs on over 45.000 impressions per month. Some of the main traffic sources include Facebook (6850+ Fans), Twitter (700+ Followers) and Pinterest (850+ Followers).

The majority of our readers are interested in adventure beyond the limiting walls of their homes and offices. They are mostly between 18-35 years old, relatively balanced as to gender and love to spend time out, usually with their friends or better halves. They are young well educated professionals, who are either starting up their career or are well beyond the threshold of “good living”.

Well informed, they know all about the benefits of sports, the catalyst for a healthy life.

They also enjoy finding out about unconventional accommodation units, unusual restaurants and interesting places for spending their time away from home.

As a knowledgeable, adventurous and open-minded person, each of our typical readers has a good influence on a wide circle of friends and colleagues.

And here is some info on demographics:

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Tourism on the Edge is open to a variety of advertising suggestions. We highly encourage creativity, so feel free to come up with ideas on how to get your message across.

However, we decided to limit our collaborations to domains linked to TOURISM (travel blogs, accommodation units restaurants, travel agencies, festivals and other interesting events), CULTURE (art, books, photography etc.) and SPORTS. If you are not certain your domain fits the requirements, you can contact us and we will discuss in detail.

We can also promote your giveaway, contest, product, service, or press release through an article or have your product, service or website reviewed in a blog post. Payment is via Paypal.

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